You know, like alpine.




I absolutely love the way the browns and golds interact with the blues in this skein. So pretty.




203 yards of 2-ply romney, from Hello Yarn, in the Alpine colorway. Romney is not as soft as the other fibers I’ve been spinning lately, but oh, that sheen. I wonder if this should become something sturdy, like mittens.


Yesterday’s quiche, and legwarmers:


Believe it or not, it was chilly enough to warrant wearing these around the house as I made coffee and rolled out pie crust yesterday morning. People routinely find their way to my corner of the internet by googling “legwarmers” and related terms, so I figured I’d announce that, yes, the mornings are cool enough that legwarmer season is officially open, at least for around-the-house wearing.

More soon, as I desperately need to make more progress on the wedding shawl…


twists and wrinkles.



Twists: Hello Yarn romney 2-ply in the Alpine colorway, both on the bobbin and hanging to dry.



Wrinkles: Is there anything more to say? I love it when Boh falls asleep on his wrinkly face. Sigh.

Today’s plan: more lace knitting — after a brunch for the incoming grad students in the department, which means I’m off to roll out a pie crust and get a quiche into the oven…

singles and shawl progress.


Bobbin 1 of the Hello Yarn romney in Alpine.



Bobbin 2, first in progress, because I thought I was going to stop, and then, in the second picture, finished. This stuff spins itself. I may cheat a little bit and ply later tonight instead of letting the singles rest a full day, We’ll see.


The wedding is next Saturday, a week from today. I decided on two leaf pattern repeats (I think the last time I blogged about this, I was thinking about doing three), and this morning I began the edging. I’m 8 rows into 34, and I absolutely love how this is turning out. If I work steadily on this over the next few days,  I won’t have to stay up late and risk making stupid, bleary-eyed mistakes. My goal is to block this on Wednesday night, so that it has ample time to dry before I deliver it to the bride on Friday.

While I was working on the romney and the shawl, Boh was standing guard at the window:


He really is a surprisingly long dog — I marvel at his length whenever I find him at the window like this, paws up on the radiator.


Apparently surveying the backyard is pretty exhausting work. (There is loud snoring drifting towards my desk from the bedroom.) May your Saturday be as productive and restful as Boh’s!


In all of the start-of-the-semester hubbub, my wheel has been empty for most of the week. I returned home from campus (where my office is growing ever cozier with each bag of belongings I move from here to there) today and decided to at least start something so that I can try to spin a little each day.



Sigh. So beautiful. These colors just make me yearn for handspun legwarmers. This is Hello Yarn fiber — Romney wool top in the Alpine colorway — and I love it.



Boh is looking particularly forlorn this afternoon, perhaps because he knows that the new semester means a bit more reading (me) and resting (Boh), and a little less frolicking (both of us).

back to school.

back to school1

back to school2

The “back to school” photo was always a big deal in my house. Every year, my brother and I would pose by the fireplace, or in front of the flowers in the yard, with backpacks on our backs and awkward smiles on our faces. These pictures are today’s version of that tradition — and yes, I just emailed them to my mom.





It is delicious. Victory! I let this sit on the counter in my one-gallon pickling crock for 5 weeks (7/18-8/25), occasionally skimming off anything that formed on the surface, and rinsing the cheesecloth and brine bag weighting down the cabbage.

It might be time to go looking for really good reuben recipes!


Here are some of the flowers I picked at the farm yesterday, along with my haul of tomatoes, red peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, A LOT of beets (to be pickled?!), lettuce, onions, dill, mint, basil, cilantro, 1 precious cup of blackberries picked from the fields, and, of course, zucchini.

And, lest you think that I am not knitting:


Another inch or so of my plain and simple pullover test-knit has appeared.

Happy Wednesday!




Here’s the pink half of the bump of AVFKW superwash bfl in the pointillism colorway: 106 yds of 2-ply, from 2 oz.



And here’s the yellow half, spun, plied, and skeined:




The yellow 2 oz. yielded 95 yds of 2-ply, so I have 201 yards to work with. I’m thinking about not using a constrast color at the start, and allowing the pinks to blend into the yellows in the sweater, and then finding an appropriate color for the bottom ruffle of baby belle if it seems like there won’t be enough handspun.

I’m not letting myself cast on for this until I am solidly into the edging on the wedding shawl. (Finished repeat #2 last night!)

Also, more silliness occurred after I posted yesterday:

boh comforter


Sigh. And so it begins: I’m off to campus for a meeting and (yay!) to get settled in my office (and by office, I mean desk in the basement).  Happy Monday!

spinning for something.

pointillism pink lap

So I’m spinning for something. I’ve been eyeing cosy’s adorable baby sweater for awhile now, and I was thrilled when she posted that she needed some folks to knit these out of handspun. Though I have a large bag full o’ my own handspun, I decided that this might be an opportunity to at least try to knit with a particular pattern in mind, so I dug through the fiber bin and came up with some Verb superwash bfl in the pointillism colorway, which is 2 oz. of lovely yellows, and 2 oz. of pinks and purples.

pointillism pink toes

I decided to preserve the colors, so I split the pink and purple piece into 2 parts, lengthwise, and plied them together.

pointillism pink macro

Here it is, hanging to dry. The pattern calls for 8s, so I’m aiming for a worsted weight, which I’m hoping will plump up and help me get close to the called-for gauge. It looks like I got about 100 yards out of the first 2 oz., which sounds about right. I’m planning to spin and ply the rest today so that I can get started!

Also, I snapped a picture of Mr. Boh, resting atop the comforter.

boh and laundry

This dog really loves laundry day. As you can see, we’re aiming for a mixture of restful and productive on this last day of the final weekend before the semester starts!



H’s wedding shawl (an ishbel/springtime bandit hybrid inspired by brokeknits) is coming along. Yesterday I finished one repeat of the leaf pattern, and decided to do another. I have plenty of yarn, so think I am going to aim for 3 leaf pattern repeats before I begin the edging.



I know I’ve written about my lace anxiety here, and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of you for your encouraging words and happy thoughts. You’re right — it isn’t so bad! (And I’m saying this after spending much of yesterday morning ripping back about an hour’s worth of work to find an error.) You heard it here first: I like lace knitting!


The wedding is in 2 weeks, and I’m aiming to have this ready to block by September 1. Back to it!