who is barefoot rooster?


hi, folks. welcome to my blog: a collection of ramblings that i expect will touch on my knitting addiction, love of playing in my bright green kitchen, my adventures outside, and my dog — a pouting mutt who thinks baby deer are big dogs. i’ve just moved cross-country to begin graduate school, so you’ll likely hear a bit about that too. take a look around!

[That’s what I wrote almost a decade ago! My current kitchen is far less green, but a lot remains the same. Expect to find some knitting (though I’ve got less time for it now that I’m a professor), adventures in the kitchen and in the great outdoors, and pictures of the same sweet dog. He’s whiter in the face and a little slower to get off the couch, but still my best companion (though there’s a gentleman in my life these days, too)!]


6 thoughts on “who is barefoot rooster?

  1. Hi! Just popped over from KnittingPhillistine (I think). Your dog is an absolute hoot. I have a Shiba Inu who is into resource guarding and will guard such valuables as broken dishes on the floor, shoes, underwear, and of course stolen food. I enjoyed your outdoor photos as well as your knitting. And who knew there was such a thing as a bacon bar?

    It is hard to tell, but it sounds like you are in the West and perhaps moving east. Good luck with your future endeavors. If you are moving to any of the places I have lived and have any questions (about the Midwest (Cleveland) or New England (Upstate New York, Greater Boston or New Hampshire)) feel free to fire away, since that is where I am or have been.

    Knit on!

  2. I found your blog while looking for photos of the CRV picnic table. I used to live in NM, I thought the landscape looked familiar! The top pic looks like Black Mesa.

  3. Hi,

    Found you from Ravelry (2 projects in common – yes, it was a slow day and I didn’t want to do the dishes :D) Love your blog – just what I like: wool, food, dogs and GREEN kitchens! Smashing!

  4. Hi,
    I just started a blog – http://www.foxflat.wordpress.com – and was exploring wordpress features. Your site kept coming up in the “tag surfer”…looks like we share an interest in spinning and knitting (although you’ve been at it for longer!). Just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts :)

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog in my tag surfer and am so excited to have found you. I love your blog and will certainly be back!

  6. Hi – I just found your blog while looking for images of the lacy baktus – just finished my 1st, original style baktus last night for my sailor man – now my NYC daughter wants a lacy version for her version – anyway, noted that you are ALSO writing a BIG D, as my chair calls it – I have been thinking of starting a blog to journal my journeys and endeavors & so am interested in your efforts – thanks for the inspiration – catherine

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