salsa and stripes.

‘Morning, all. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about this sore throat, and a little stir crazy from almost two full days on the couch. Time to catch up on some blogging. First up? Salsa.

I saw this super simple recipe over at A Friend to Knit With — and while I would’ve kept on scrolling in my old apartment because it called for using the broiler (and I was never able to clean that one well enough to feel good about using it), on Saturday morning I thought, what better way to celebrate a new stove? And so I ventured to the grocery store on graduation morning for salsa ingredients. And it was worth it. (I did use onions, too. They just aren’t in the pictures.)

Initially I was worried that it would be too spicy, but it mellowed a bit in the fridge. (Or maybe I got a mouthful of chile seeds when I tasted it? Either way, I was really happy with the results.)

As you can see, Boh was also worried about the spiciness of the salsa. Saturday night, a small group of friends from the department came over to hang out and enjoy the sunset. There were two different kinds of homebrew (yum!) and Boh made several new friends. I didn’t snap any pictures, but it was really nice to be social again, and I was awake way past my bedtime. Sunday was when I started feeling less than awesome, and I pretty much sat on the porch all day and worked on my Stripe Study Shawl. These don’t count as FO pictures because the lighting is bad and the ends aren’t woven in, but here’s a look at how it turned out:

I really love this, and even though summer weather has just begun, I will keep my fingers crossed for an evening or two when it is cool enough for me to sit on the porch with this shawl around my shoulders. I’ll post official FO pictures once I weave in the ends and find a better spot for photos!



sick day.

I have lots to show you: homemade fire-roasted salsa, Boh being silly, millet “fried rice” from Super Natural Cooking, the ingredients that go into a hot toddy…but tonight, I’ll just stick with these two pictures of the couch. This is what a sick day looks like. (And really, it’s been two.)

I started making a Daybreak shawl last night, but (a) there was counting involved, and the sore throat that had spread to my ears wasn’t having any of it and (b) my handspun singles were not so pleased with having to knit and purl M1L and M1R (or rather, I was anxious about it — the stitches around those increases were tightening, putting stress on a single that isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be everywhere). So I ripped it out and cast on another Simple Things shawl by Mary-Heather Cogar, using the handspun I’d initially set aside for Daybreak: 2 oz. of AVFKW bfl in the Sadia colorway, and what I think is 2 oz. of SCF club fiber in one of the Hades colorways. Today I knit stripes while watching all available episodes of The Voice and three (count ’em) movies on Netflix. I also drank more mugs of hot liquid containing one or all of the following than I can count: black tea, lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar, and whiskey. Hoping I’ll be on the mend tomorrow.

finally, knitting.

Boh refused to look at me while I was taking pictures of the border of my stripe study shawl. He was too busy watching the door for his best dog friend to arrive to be concerned with the less-than-one-inch (!) I have left to knit on this project. Silly Boh. And then he did this:

Oh, that face. I love this dog. Know what else I love? Fresh flowers. These came from the yard:

It was supposed to be stormy today, but it has turned out to be a beautiful day. My fingers are crossed for a colorful sunset, as a handful of folks from my department are coming over for porch drinks soon. Happy holiday weekend!

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

to bring you information of great importance. This rooster just got a brand new oven.

On Wednesday, I went looking for a filing cabinet, but came home with an awesome, solid wood, rustic futon frame. The trouble was, I had help getting it into the car, but arrived back at the lake house in need of assistance to get it out of the car and into the guest room. I texted a few friends and posted on facebook to find help, and H. came to my rescue. Not only did she use her muscles to help me move the futon frame, but her nose detected a gas leak that I wasn’t smelling (maybe I have a bad nose, maybe I’d just not been in that corner of the kitchen). I called the gas company, and they told us to wait on the porch. We had ice cream while we waited for a technician to arrive. Turns out that in this small town of mine, everybody knows everybody. So when the tech identified the leak in a hose connecting the stove to the gas line, he called the person who does maintenance for this house to come over.  A couple of new hoses in the kitchen and the basement, and they hooked everything up again. They found one remaining leak, this one in the regulator on the stove. So they ordered me a new stove that afternoon, and moments ago, it was installed. So now I have a new-to-me lake house with a brand new full-size stove! Totally worth not being able to make coffee or heat anything up for 48 hours, if you ask me.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. (In other words, I will post knitting soon. Seriously.)

we live here.

Boh and I enjoyed a gorgeous sunset from the porch last night. Those of you who have been long time readers may remember the pictures I used to take from my front door when I lived in the southwest. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing lots of pictures from my porch.

We live here. (In the, whoa, it looks like we live here, sense.) I have begun to make messes in my new kitchen.

Behold the yarn and fiber closet. I know it has been far too long since I posted about knitting and spinning — first it was the exams, then the move, then the research trip. All that is over now. I spent yesterday afternoon trying to unpack my fiber, which basically meant that I had to go to the store to acquire tools for closet organization. I’m so thrilled with these hanging racks for my yarn and fiber. Stay tuned for a picture of the “book” case (read: yarn case) in my bedroom. And, of course, actual knitting!


On Sunday, we went to the zoo to do research. (My friends and their children were so kind to indulge and accompany me.)

The penguins? Well, these guys were just for fun. (Side note: It has been years since I’ve been to a zoo, and I can’t remember the last time I went with little kids. Watching them was half the fun!)

After our research excursion, we stopped for lunch at a place that makes and bottles its own root beer, cream soda, and ginger ale. This ginger ale float was amazing.

I spent Monday morning traveling, and arrived back at the lake house after lunch. Time to focus on settling into a summer routine — which will most certainly include knitting! (I am so close to being done with my stripe study shawl.)

first lake house pancakes.

The occasion? A pretty lady came to visit and brought maple cream. We spread that on these raspberry pancakes (raspberries I picked at the farm in September), added some plain yogurt, and ate them on the porch.

Boh was very happy to see P. He particularly loves snuggling with her — something he’ll miss once she’s on the west coast. (We were her first stop on her westward journey.) Speaking of journeying, I’m currently visiting college friends (and their very sweet children) while doing some research in an archive that just happens to be where they live. Boh is hosting Ethel Louise at the lake house. More soon!

new couch.

Boh gave our new (to us) couch a full inspection before granting his approval. The couch is a little threadbare in places, but I like the shape, and the color will do for now. Maybe I’ll have to ask Eileen for advice on re-covering couches? Hers is gorgeous.

Still no knitting to share, but I’ll have an update soon. Instead, you get a picture of Boh lounging near yarn and fiber…

we’re here.

We finished painting on Wednesday afternoon (I love it), and Boh and I moved in that evening.

Boh made himself at home immediately. (My mattress is on the floor right now — friends with a pickup truck are going to help me move the wooden base this weekend.)

I snapped this photo of Boh this morning — he got right back into bed after I got up. What sweetness.

Breakfast and coffee on the porch — before I covered the table in piles of finals to grade. (In case there was any confusion, grading is MUCH more pleasant on a porch.)

Another surprise! Boh and I decided to walk out the back door today instead of along the road (which is fairly busy). We scrambled about halfway up the hill in behind the house and discovered a gas line right-of-way, perfect for walking. Boh is a happy dog.

I’ll be posting more regularly now that the internet is hooked up here at the lake house. And I’ll be knitting! I should have a couch to sit on this weekend, and then I’ll be able to finish my stripe study shawl. Happy weekend!