In all of the start-of-the-semester hubbub, my wheel has been empty for most of the week. I returned home from campus (where my office is growing ever cozier with each bag of belongings I move from here to there) today and decided to at least start something so that I can try to spin a little each day.



Sigh. So beautiful. These colors just make me yearn for handspun legwarmers. This is Hello Yarn fiber — Romney wool top in the Alpine colorway — and I love it.



Boh is looking particularly forlorn this afternoon, perhaps because he knows that the new semester means a bit more reading (me) and resting (Boh), and a little less frolicking (both of us).


4 thoughts on “romney.

  1. Oh my!!! I know I say I love everything you spin (and I do!) but this is truly gorgeous. And that dog. So adorable!

  2. The colours on your bobbin are gorgeous.

    Poor Boh, like him I’m already missing the summer fun outside romping too. It’s darned cold here already.

  3. Those colors really are gorgeous! I hope your semester has started off well. I’m still in denial that I head back soon. Did you start teaching yet?

  4. Lovely stuff! I hope you find some time for it, in between everything else. And Boh does, too, of course. Is there anything he doesn’t look worried about?

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