back to school.

back to school1

back to school2

The “back to school” photo was always a big deal in my house. Every year, my brother and I would pose by the fireplace, or in front of the flowers in the yard, with backpacks on our backs and awkward smiles on our faces. These pictures are today’s version of that tradition — and yes, I just emailed them to my mom.


5 thoughts on “back to school.

  1. Happy first day of n-teenth grade! Those first-day-of-school pictures were the worst. But it seems better when you can take your own. Here’s to hoping the semester gets off on the rightest of right feet!

  2. That’s too funny! We didn’t have a good tradition of every year, but I have a hilarious first day of kindergarten photo of me on the front steps with my bag lunch. My Mom made lots of my clothes then and loud patterns, pantsuits and polyester were what was hip. Enough said.;)

  3. So sweet that you did this! (Great outfit, too.) The back to school photo was a big deal when I was growing up, too. My mom also had us wear the exact same outfit for our “last day of school” photo so we could see how we’d grown over the past year. Embarrassing! But I loved the tradition.

    I bet your mom was thrilled to get your back to school photo today!

  4. Love your outfit. Though I didn’t get a picture taken every year on the first day, I’ve been doing it with my son. He’s such a drama king that he loves it at this point–but he’s 8. We’ll see how it goes this year. Have a great semester!

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