and so it begins.

and so it begins

Year 2, week 1. Nothing knitterly to show today. I now have the key to my office, and a pile of stuff to lug up to campus to help make it a cozy work space, including some older knitting WIPs that just might get some attention if they start living there…


5 thoughts on “and so it begins.

  1. Way to go! I’m sure a little knitting will go a long way to cozying up a basement office. And knitting is definitely good for office hours …. (I had two students come in a total of 4 semesters of teaching.) Good luck with the first week!

  2. Hey there–congratulations on yet another year of academic accomplishment! I hope your basement office feels very cozy, and very much your own. I know some WIPs will help with that, as will some pictures of Boh. Those undergrads are lucky to have you–don’t you forget it! Hope the new routine starts to feel like a comfy pair of old jeans real soon…

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