thank you.

Hi everyone,

I haven’t had the bandwidth to write back to your sweet notes, but please know that I appreciate them so much. It has been strange to be in our apartment this last week and a half — there’s no dog on the couch, no water bowl to fill, no need to carefully adjust my legs so that Boh can sleep exactly where he wants to in the crook of my knees.

I was back in the classroom the Monday after we said goodbye to Boh, and as much as being sad is also really exhausting, it also feels good to have a new group of students who are excited about the class to focus on. I’m holding onto that right now.

Here are a few pictures from the last week and a half.

3dec - 1
Sunset on the day we said goodbye.

3dec - 2
Deer in a nearby park — we went for a bike ride, and it helped.

3dec - 3
We’ve taken some walks along the creek and through the neighborhood north of campus, slowly reclaiming the act of taking walks for us, and not just for Boh.

3dec - 4
The peak in the early morning. The pigeons are extra brazen these days because Boh is not here to terrorize them. (I’ll confess that I scared them away, just as he would have, the first time I went out onto the patio without him.)

3dec - 5
Today’s project. I ordered a few prints so that we could have Boh’s dopey face around, and today, as a break from my pile of grading, I went out to buy frames. I’m hoping Chefboyfriend will help me hang them when he gets home from work.

It is quieter here than it should be, I think. Boh was never a loud or super active dog, but I’m missing the sound of paws on hardwood floors and the silliness of his snoring.

We’re doing the best we can. Hope your human and animal companions are well, and happy December, friends.