spinning for something.

pointillism pink lap

So I’m spinning for something. I’ve been eyeing cosy’s adorable baby sweater for awhile now, and I was thrilled when she posted that she needed some folks to knit these out of handspun. Though I have a large bag full o’ my own handspun, I decided that this might be an opportunity to at least try to knit with a particular pattern in mind, so I dug through the fiber bin and came up with some Verb superwash bfl in the pointillism colorway, which is 2 oz. of lovely yellows, and 2 oz. of pinks and purples.

pointillism pink toes

I decided to preserve the colors, so I split the pink and purple piece into 2 parts, lengthwise, and plied them together.

pointillism pink macro

Here it is, hanging to dry. The pattern calls for 8s, so I’m aiming for a worsted weight, which I’m hoping will plump up and help me get close to the called-for gauge. It looks like I got about 100 yards out of the first 2 oz., which sounds about right. I’m planning to spin and ply the rest today so that I can get started!

Also, I snapped a picture of Mr. Boh, resting atop the comforter.

boh and laundry

This dog really loves laundry day. As you can see, we’re aiming for a mixture of restful and productive on this last day of the final weekend before the semester starts!


4 thoughts on “spinning for something.

  1. That project’s going to be very cute! Oh Boh… my cats love laundry day, too. There’s nothing like drying off with what you think is a nice clean towel but is really covered in cat fur.

  2. Your handspun Belle will be so pretty.
    My dogs enjoy fresh launderd sheets too. They think it’s a race to get on the bed before we do.
    Enjoy your last holiday.

  3. The yarn looks like it will really work for the sweater! Such a cute pattern. Give Boh a huge kiss from me!

  4. That yarn is so pretty — I bet it will turn into a super cute sweater. Maybe even as cute as Boh, on the hand-knit garment scale, of course.

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