Here’s the pink half of the bump of AVFKW superwash bfl in the pointillism colorway: 106 yds of 2-ply, from 2 oz.



And here’s the yellow half, spun, plied, and skeined:




The yellow 2 oz. yielded 95 yds of 2-ply, so I have 201 yards to work with. I’m thinking about not using a constrast color at the start, and allowing the pinks to blend into the yellows in the sweater, and then finding an appropriate color for the bottom ruffle of baby belle if it seems like there won’t be enough handspun.

I’m not letting myself cast on for this until I am solidly into the edging on the wedding shawl. (Finished repeat #2 last night!)

Also, more silliness occurred after I posted yesterday:

boh comforter


Sigh. And so it begins: I’m off to campus for a meeting and (yay!) to get settled in my office (and by office, I mean desk in the basement).  Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “pointillism.

  1. Ah, I’ve seen that look Boh has on the bed behind the comforter… my dogs have that one down too. lol

    The home spun is lovely, the Baby Belle is going to be adorable.

  2. The yarn is gorgeous! I love the colors — it will be a perfect baby sweater. Did the duvet eat Boh? Or just give him a look? Good luck settling in to your basement desk “office”.

  3. Gosh, seriously awesome yarn. The pink is gorgeous, and I love the softness of the yellow skein.
    River likes laundry day as well, her favorite thing is to curl up on the pile of towels and refuse to move. She and Boh would get along well, methinks. ;-)

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