H’s wedding shawl (an ishbel/springtime bandit hybrid inspired by brokeknits) is coming along. Yesterday I finished one repeat of the leaf pattern, and decided to do another. I have plenty of yarn, so think I am going to aim for 3 leaf pattern repeats before I begin the edging.



I know I’ve written about my lace anxiety here, and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of you for your encouraging words and happy thoughts. You’re right — it isn’t so bad! (And I’m saying this after spending much of yesterday morning ripping back about an hour’s worth of work to find an error.) You heard it here first: I like lace knitting!


The wedding is in 2 weeks, and I’m aiming to have this ready to block by September 1. Back to it!


3 thoughts on “banditry.

  1. I, too, was shocked — and pleased — to find out that lace knitting is actually not that hard. I find it’s mostly about rhythm: finding and maintaining. The color is gorgeous!

  2. It took me awhile to warm to lace knitting and ended up not being nearly as bad as I thought. The Ishbel lace is great to practice with and turns out so pretty. Can’t wait to see more of this one!

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