boy (girl?) hat


The Boy Hat, but with size 6 needles. This one may become a nailbiter near the end: only 99 yards of wool, pattern calls for 120 (and size 7s). I’m going to give it a try, as it is a great color for a friend who is celebrating a birthday this weekend. If it works, he’ll get it on time. If it doesn’t, it will become a boy (girl?) hat for me (my head is smaller), and he’ll get his handknit hat when he heads West for a snowboarding trip in a few weeks.

The yarn is Queensland Rustic Wool, and it is superwash. I think I’ve read that superwash stretches out quite a bit, so I went down a needle size to conserve wool and ensure a snug fit.  I should have thought about this when I cast on, but instead, I knit almost 4 inches on my size 7 circ and realized that the only way it might (1) be completed with the only ball of this I have and (2) fit well, was to make these changes. Fingers crossed!

you make my day.


At first, I was going to tell you that this made my day, but then I learned that some  blogland love had been sent in my direction.

Thank you, Hilary, for listing barefoot rooster as one of ten blogs that make your day. Here’s the deal: you share ten blogs that make you happy, and comment on their blogs to let them know. (Please accept my paraphrased version of the rules.)

I had no idea how much I would enjoy the blogging community when I began nesting here in my corner of the blogosphere a few months ago. Thank you for welcoming me — so here it goes (sans actual button, as I don’t know how to do that in wordpress yet!):

[note: I just sat down and wrote lots of nice things about why these blogs and their authors make me happy, but then I decided that you should just go visit them and find out!]

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Pipe Dreams and Purling Plans

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Much Adored

I’m not much into memes, etc. but this particular (buttonless, in my case) button has been a great way for me to discover a whole slew of gorgeous knitting blogs.  Boh agrees.


Short, early post today, folks. This guy, also known as the animal (must insert photo pronto)


woke me up in the middle of the night with a horrible rrrripp-ing sound. That’s right, he was yanking the polyfill out of my sleeping bag, while I slept in it. He has been in close proximity to this particular sleeping bag for the last several months, and apparently, last night the temptation became too much for Boh to bear. Luckily, I had some ripstop patching tape handy, so out of bed I leapt. I switched on the light, cursed a bit and got to work.


It’s not knitting content, but it is crafty. The blues are a better match than they look in this picture, and the hole was by no means a clean job. He must have been gnawing on the nylon for awhile before I woke up. Sigh. Onward to the before/after pictures I have for you:


This is yesterday evening’s sunset — thick, reddish clouds hovering over the mountains.


And this is what I awoke to — the second time. We haven’t had snow on the ground in the valley since before the holidays!


Alright. Off to work on generating some visible knitting progress and listen to the latest episode of Stash and Burn before work.

pears for crisp…

Recipe from Apples for Jam. (Self, you are so clever.) I know that I am super late to this party, but while I was in NYC, I found this cookbook by Tessa Kiros at Anthropologie for under ten dollars. No brainer. This weekend I made both the Pear and Berry Crisp (with pears, apples, and some frozen blueberries), and the Lentil Soup (with more liberal modifications based on the contents of my fridge and pantry). Balsamic vinegar with lentils is a brilliant idea, by the way, and here’s a shot of the crisp:



Boh and I went for a great run along the river on Saturday, which is my way of telling you that I am eating this for breakfast momentarily. Before I can dig into the crisp, how about a bit of knitting? Still knitting away on Brompton (so excited about this) and several other projects, but again, knitting time does not equal visible knitting progress. More on those soon.


I’m making serious progress on the Gathered Scarf. While not the quickest knit, due to all the needle switching and kfb/k2tog, this is a lot of fun. It doesn’t hurt that the yarn may be the softest I’ve knit with: Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino, for those of you just tuning in. In this picture, the scarf is not yet wrapped around my neck.


Last night I started my third skein, and I think this is going to be long and luxurious. This is a pretty substantial knit, and while I wouldn’t call the scarf heavy, I think it will stretch out considerably with wear. I absolutely adore superlong scarves, so I think this will become fast favorite. It is starting to warm up here in the afternoons, so I better hurry up and finish it so I can wear it before next fall!

I think I mentioned that I was in need of an unplanned, relaxing weekend. If this picture is any indication, we were successful.


Hope your Monday is off to a good start.

friday night knitting

Friday night knitting is a special kind of knitting. After a long couple of weeks, and the prospect of an unscheduled weekend ahead, I looked at all of my WIPs, and decided I needed to do even less thinking. I dug through my yarn bins, and found a few balls of Cleckheaton Vintage Hues, the result of a good friend’s recent trip to Australia. The Yarn Harlot’s One Row Handspun Scarf seemed perfect for the yarn, and for the kind of knitting I was craving. I like the way the color changes are occurring — it is a bit Noro-esque, but the yarn is heartier and bulkier.


I am really happy with how this is turning out. I am not sure who this is for, as I don’t know how long it will be, but I love the way this yarn looks in this simple twisted rib pattern:


Well, folks, that’s what I’ve got today. Planning some soup-making, lounging and an afternoon hike with the dog —  if I can get him to move from his current position:


silly dog friday.

Actually, every day is a silly dog day around here. Though I’ve been making some serious knitting progress, in the form of another foot of length on my gathered scarf, a few more pattern repeats on my magic loop socks, and even some decisions on how many more increases my brompton cardigan needs before I divide for the sleeves, it is hard to see this in pictures. Rather than bore you with the equivalent of the WIP photos I shared yesterday, I figured we’re due for some ridiculous dog pictures. Allow me to share a few from this week:



That’s my dog: full of decorum, appropriateness, etc.  You can’t tell from the picture, but he is twitching and snoring, perhaps dreaming of having some uninterrupted time to throw and retrieve whatever ball of yarn is attached to my knitting needles and ALMOST within reach. Happy Friday!

another convert…


This gorgeous hat was made by its wearer — in just over 24 hours. The dear friend I was staying with in NYC asked if we could get her some knitting materials on Sunday evening. We made our way to Purl, and with 15 minutes before closing time, she made her decision: a very full red color of Manos del Uruguay, and some size 9 16 inch circulars. I helped with the cast on, and soon she had inches of ribbing completed. We decreased during the televised MLK Democratic Party debate on Monday night, made the pom-pom before bed, and it was ready to be worn on Tuesday morning.  She did a great job on this hat, and it looks beautiful, particularly with her all-black wardrobe (just kidding, JP).

Time to share a few NYC yarn acquisitions:


This is a super soft cashmere/merino/mohair blend from School Products — about 500 yds of it. I am thinking this may be perfect for the Chevalier Mittens (ravelry link). I also picked up a few skeins of Koigu — too pretty to pass up.


Also, though I have not yet entirely articulated my 2008 goals (soon, I promise), socks are quite central. I even joined the Yarn Pirate Booty Club in December to further inspire me to learn new techniques and try more complex patterns. I just received the January installment — my first — and while I will not post any pictures or details just yet (nobody wants to be a surprise spoiler), this yarn is every bit as gorgeous as the hype!