minimal knitting content, but look — snow!

As promised, here are a few pictures of our adventures about 100 miles west and about 3000 feet higher. First, a traffic jam. The guy in the pickup ahead of us was asleep at the railroad crossing. After about 15 minutes and a phone call to our destination (in which we considered leaving the car and climbing through the spaces between the stalled train cars), we turned around.


some weather-appropriate graffiti:


The sky, particularly when it is this color, is one of my favorite parts of being out here:



Boh and I took a walk before heading back yesterday morning. I love the way the early mornings seem to make everything glow.



Oh, right. I’ve also been knitting. Here’s a shot of Mom’s Montego Bay scarf. I’d say it is a bit over 3 feet in length, so I am more than halfway. I’d love for it to be perfect, but that is not quite happening. I’ve done some ripping back because I’ve messed up my counting or dropped a yarn over, but the stitches are so small that I am realizing that I can hardly see the rows where that happens, so I am leaving it. Also, under a time crunch. Full disclosure aside, this is GORGEOUS. Nice to have a lace pattern that is a bit forgiving when you discover a mistake 3 inches back….


I just hope I can get it finished in time!

take 2

Quick post this morning, as Boh and I are heading to a favorite place for the day (for work!). We’ll be back tomorrow. I did not take my own advice this weekend, and settled down with foliage and my first cup of coffee on Saturday morning. An hour later, I realized that somewhere I had screwed up the leaf lace pattern, and even after undoing, one stitch at a time, multiple rows, I couldn’t find the error. I think this hat is for me, and I don’t want to feel that tinge of guilt when I wear it (you know the one), so I ripped the whole thing out, rewound the yarn, and put it aside.

Last night, fully caffeinated and in need of some procrastination-enabling, I picked it up again. Take 2:


Oops — you can’t see the knitting. Just Boh’s response to my perfectionist tendencies. Let’s back up:


I am just a bit farther along than I was when I decided to rip it out, and I am glad I did. So is Boh, though you’d never know it from his expression/the position of those ears!

Mom’s Montego is coming along, slowly but surely. More soon!


But not really. We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you spontaneous knitting.


In preparation for my cross-country drive(s) next week and next year, I bought myself an iPod Classic. Clearly, it needed a case. It is after 9 PM, and I still haven’t had dinner. Instead, I sat down and cast on for this sleeve by Amy Arifin (Ravelry link).


I am super excited about this. I received the original iPod as a gift before a semester spent mostly in the backcountry (oh, the irony) in 2003, and it clocked in at 5 GB. It served me well, and retired to the pasture of technology that no longer functions over a year ago. I replaced it with a shuffle, which, by the way, is perfect for running, and holds about 200 songs.


This baby is 80 GB. Holy cow. I got an adapter to play music through my CR-V’s radio, and I cannot wait to swap the handful of tired mix cds on rotation for access to my entire music library. I am planning to supplement the 40 GB of music I already have with a whole slew of podcasts and audiobooks. I enjoy driving, and I am looking forward to having some dedicated “me” time. Well, me and several thousand other interstate drivers…

More soon on my mom-tego progress. (Oh, Lord. Time for dinner.)

to do: yo, k2tog, assemble camping gear


Next week, Boh and I are jumping into my CR-V and heading East. It will take us somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 hours to get home, at which point, we will throw ourselves into holiday baking and lounging with the family. This is big for Boh — he tends to be afraid of new folks, particularly men (of which there are 2 in my family). After Christmas, we’re heading even further East to go snowshoeing/wood-stove heated cabin hopping (with some winter camping/lean-to sleeping in between) with the lovely recipient of that blue purl scarf (here). We are excited — and when we get excited, we make lists, a la the above picture.


Appropriately staged, this picture demonstrates how things are going on that list — notice that the list is mostly obscured by the Montego Bay scarf. I managed to make it double in length yesterday while watching The Queen, with Helen Mirren. I know I’m a bit late on this one, but even without all the Oscar hype, she truly is fantastic.


I think this looks even bigger when I lump it all together. I feel better about this rush because it seems like a lot of us are experiencing the stress of holiday knitting. I may be a bit sleep deprived, but the knitting is still fun. Stay tuned for more Montego progress. (Every time I type “Montego”, I think of the Beach Boys. Funny.)


I’ve done some cursing, ripping, a lot of counting, and maybe a wee bit of fudging thus far, but despite it all, the Montego Bay scarf is coming along.


I stayed up too late and got up early, but we are approaching 12 inches, people. Note to self: do not work on Mom’s Montego before consuming an entire cup of coffee. You’ll thank me for this.


gorgeous morning.


Here’s what I saw when I stepped outside with the dog this morning. I can’t think of anything that calms and readies me for the day the way this kind of sunrise does. (Well, sunrise AND coffee.)

Last night I reheated that curried soup and it was even more delicious the second day. Another picture, because I put it in one of my bright Le Creuset vintage pots — total ebay score.


Last night, I cast on for the Montego Bay Scarf, by Amy Singer (Ravelry link). I’ve been planning to make this for my mom, but was a bit late in ordering the yarn. It arrived yesterday, and I’m hoping I can get it done before Christmas. She has this fabulous bronze dress that looks incredible on her, and I think the Mineral colorway of this HandMaiden Sea Silk will complement the deep bronze of that dress. (We have a bunch of family weddings to attend in the coming year, and I’m hoping that she can wear this scarf with the dress.) Also, my mom has a wool allergy, so finding things to make for her can be a bit challenging, just because non-wool fiber is unfamiliar territory for me.


What do you think — can I finish this in time? Happy Tuesday!

Ami of SourCherries is my favorite person. Seriously.

I participated in my first ever swap this month, hosted by the lovely Keri of Knitty Gritty Thoughts at the Fingerless Mitts for Fall KAL. (Also, my first KAL!) I was super excited to be paired with Ami of SourCherries because her photography is gorgeous, and thus worthy of her knitting. I received an incredible bounty of treats today:


Take note of Ami’s beautiful handspun — the first I’ve ever owned. This will have to become something special for me. Also, Burt’s Bees treats (this lip gloss is the only “make up” I wear — how did you know?), a felted notions bag filled with a selection of teas, and  Dagoba chocolates. You don’t see the mitts in this picture because I’m wearing them. It is hard to take pictures of mitts that are on your hands. Exhibit A:


Oh, alright. I guess I can take them off for a second.


They fit perfectly, by the way.


One more:


These pictures are a bit unworthy of these gifts and the gifter’s photographic abilities, but it is absolutely pouring down rain, and this is forecasted to continue for a few days. Thank you, Ami, for such a thoughtful combination of treats, and for these incredibly luxurious mitts. I may put off eating dinner awhile so that I can enjoy wearing them!

On a related (?) note, Boh “enjoyed” a first today. I picked up this package at the post office and brought it home to open it. I let him out to romp around the yard like I always do, and began unloading. As I was bringing the package inside, I heard some squawking — also not unusual, as Boh tends to chase the neighbors young chickens, which wander the entire street, around our yard with his mouth open. (Very funny.) Today, however, he actually caught one, so I spent a good ten minutes chasing him around the yard yelling for him to “Sit!” “Come!” “Drop!” “No!”

Clearly all of his obedient tendencies go out the window when he has a chicken in his mouth. He finally dropped the bird and I was able to take a look — still alive. I took Boh inside and went back to the chicken, only to find her walking away, wobbling a little. (Our yard is fenced, and we have chickens as well, though they mostly stay in their coop.) Though Boh is often outside, those birds still find a way in. Maybe they love the smell of danger.