You know, like alpine.




I absolutely love the way the browns and golds interact with the blues in this skein. So pretty.




203 yards of 2-ply romney, from Hello Yarn, in the Alpine colorway. Romney is not as soft as the other fibers I’ve been spinning lately, but oh, that sheen. I wonder if this should become something sturdy, like mittens.


Yesterday’s quiche, and legwarmers:


Believe it or not, it was chilly enough to warrant wearing these around the house as I made coffee and rolled out pie crust yesterday morning. People routinely find their way to my corner of the internet by googling “legwarmers” and related terms, so I figured I’d announce that, yes, the mornings are cool enough that legwarmer season is officially open, at least for around-the-house wearing.

More soon, as I desperately need to make more progress on the wedding shawl…


6 thoughts on “high.

  1. Beeeeeautifuuuuuul! So pretty indeed. I fear my spinning will have to be put aside this week for knitting deadlines, but I do want to get to that nice 200+ yardage area soon.

  2. Gorgeous!!! Yes – perfect for mitts. I made 2 pairs of legwarmers last winter, but neither of them were for me. I should get on that. They look super cozy.

  3. Ooh, I second that mittens emotion. And I am more than a little jealous that you’re experiencing intermittent leg-warmer weather.

  4. I third the mittens… they’ll be gorgeous!

    We’re in leg warmer weather, heck yesterday I needed wool socks and slippers. Today too.

  5. Wow, those colors blend together so beautifully! It will be neat to see how they look knitted up. I think mittens are a perfect idea.

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