twists and wrinkles.



Twists: Hello Yarn romney 2-ply in the Alpine colorway, both on the bobbin and hanging to dry.



Wrinkles: Is there anything more to say? I love it when Boh falls asleep on his wrinkly face. Sigh.

Today’s plan: more lace knitting — after a brunch for the incoming grad students in the department, which means I’m off to roll out a pie crust and get a quiche into the oven…


7 thoughts on “twists and wrinkles.

  1. Doggie Love!! My Maggie has that wiry terrier hair that creates a little beard, and sometimes she will sit up from sleeping with all the hair on one side of her face standing straight up…. My dog gets bed head!!

  2. Mmm the yarn is nice. Inspiration for my go at it. Rudy and Lola do that with their cheeks too. It cracks me up.

  3. Lovely, lovey yarn. I’m getting some serious handspun envy. And Boh is just exhausted from it all! Such a cutie.

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