new couch.

Boh gave our new (to us) couch a full inspection before granting his approval. The couch is a little threadbare in places, but I like the shape, and the color will do for now. Maybe I’ll have to ask Eileen for advice on re-covering couches? Hers is gorgeous.

Still no knitting to share, but I’ll have an update soon. Instead, you get a picture of Boh lounging near yarn and fiber…


10 thoughts on “new couch.

  1. A Boh-approved couch is obviously a winner. It looks great, too! Hope you’re both settling in and enjoying the new place …

  2. lovely colour – I like how cool it looks (in the sense of not warm ;-) ) And your new room looks great – very airy. I’m waiting for my May salary to finally get a new couch, too!

  3. Hey, the couch is nice. It should be easy to recover if you want to go that way. The colour is nice as it is. Maybe just recover the seat cushions in a complimentary velvet fabric!
    PS: I was wondering how long it took Boh to decide to lie on it ;)

  4. Looks like a great place to lounge on a gray day, and it shouldn’t be too hard to recover if you decide you want to go that way. Especially now that you’re freeeee–recovering our couch was a belated exam celebration for me.

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