“I have many leather bound books…

and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.” (Remember how I told you I attended a screening of Anchorman last month? Thank you, Ron Burgundy.)

The insides of these photo albums, diaries, and scrapbooks were pretty cool too. Home tomorrow!


5 thoughts on ““I have many leather bound books…

  1. Now those look like they came from the archives! Happy hunting — I hope you find plenty worthy of Ron Burgundy captions.

  2. I bet you didn’t find those at the zoo.

    Seriously, this is maybe my favorite part of the often fickle world of academia. Happy researching!

  3. What are the books about? What/who are you researching? Love historical diaries. So interesting to hear about the day to day activities of people from so long ago.

  4. What fun delving into such old books and getting a glimpse of life in yesteryear. Safe travels home.

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