we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

to bring you information of great importance. This rooster just got a brand new oven.

On Wednesday, I went looking for a filing cabinet, but came home with an awesome, solid wood, rustic futon frame. The trouble was, I had help getting it into the car, but arrived back at the lake house in need of assistance to get it out of the car and into the guest room. I texted a few friends and posted on facebook to find help, and H. came to my rescue. Not only did she use her muscles to help me move the futon frame, but her nose detected a gas leak that I wasn’t smelling (maybe I have a bad nose, maybe I’d just not been in that corner of the kitchen). I called the gas company, and they told us to wait on the porch. We had ice cream while we waited for a technician to arrive. Turns out that in this small town of mine, everybody knows everybody. So when the tech identified the leak in a hose connecting the stove to the gas line, he called the person who does maintenance for this house to come over.  A couple of new hoses in the kitchen and the basement, and they hooked everything up again. They found one remaining leak, this one in the regulator on the stove. So they ordered me a new stove that afternoon, and moments ago, it was installed. So now I have a new-to-me lake house with a brand new full-size stove! Totally worth not being able to make coffee or heat anything up for 48 hours, if you ask me.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. (In other words, I will post knitting soon. Seriously.)


6 thoughts on “we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

  1. A new stove and lack of gas leaks is definitely a good reason for lack of coffee. To quick repairs!

  2. New oven and a new-to-you futon! Sounds fantastic. :-) It bodes well for your new home that the maintenance crew is responsive.

  3. Nice! Lack of gas leak aside, you know what the best thing is about a new stove? No one else’s mystery stains that won’t scrub off on the cooktop. ;-)

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