It turns out that when I’m sick I love to organize. Also, I’m gearing up for a couple of months in DC, which also means getting ready to take Boh to hang out with my brother in Colorado, and preparing my home for a subletter. I’m going to try to pack a bunch of personal stuff into my office so that there’s space for my subletter to get comfortable here. My office is also my fiber room — hence, the destash.

Ideally I’d do this with natural light, but it is getting dark before 5 pm, so I decided not to hold my breath for sunshine. I laid out a dropcloth for snapping a few pictures, but while I was busy putting the battery into my camera, this happened:



Silly dog. Anyway, you can find all the details on my ravelry destash page: a bunch of brightly colored fingering weight yarn, and a fair bit of cotton yarn. (Also, a huge lot of black KnitPicks Gloss, from back when I was a brand-new knitter and thought I was ready to knit myself a black fingering weight pullover…) I’m still not ready. Maybe you are?


If you see something you like, message me on ravelry or shoot me an email! Thanks!


shake some action.

First of all, “Shake Some Action”┬áby the Flamin’ Groovies is the first track on my not-yet-finished 2012 mix. I heard it on an NPR All Songs Considered podcast about opening tracks on albums this morning (though the episode was from June 2010). I’m glad I didn’t get to this until today, because there’s something about this song that is spot-on for me right now.

I’m doing end-of-the-year things today. I made my 2012 list for the fridge (above), and I finally got around to pulling all of the books off of all of the shelves and grouping them by theme — you know, so the books I need for work are in the office. When I unpacked, the goal was just to get everything out of boxes and onto shelves. And then I never got around to organizing them. Now that my books are spread out across several rooms, I need to be able to find them. Also, the water damage of earlier this fall has been fixed, which means I am finally ready to fully re-inhabit my office. I hung my DIY-ed frame cork board (which has been leaning against the wall in the guest room for 7 months) and cleaned up the piles. I’m so happy with this space.

I even tried to snap a self-portrait. Here’s the best one:

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep. I ended up getting out of bed, chopping off several handfuls of my hair, and taking a shower. Now I feel a bit more ready for the new year. (I think I’ve told you about this before, right? That I tend to cut my hair when I am feeling stressed, and that it helps? There’s so much I can’t control in the world, but my hair? I can fix that. My curls hide a multitude of sins/errors, making it possible for me to literally cut off hunks without too much worry. I don’t recommend this if you don’t have hair with similarly awesome camouflaging qualities…)

I also found some time to knit on my touch of mink socks. I love them. (Next time I’ll snap a picture while there’s still a bit of daylight. This shot doesn’t do the yarn justice.)

Tonight, Boh and I are off to hang out with dear friends of the human and animal variety. We’re planning to enjoy dessert, bourbon, and board games. I’m not sure we’ll make it to midnight, but I trust that the new year will arrive, even if I’m not awake to ring it in. Here’s to 2012 — I’m sure ready for a new year.

we live here.

Boh and I enjoyed a gorgeous sunset from the porch last night. Those of you who have been long time readers may remember the pictures I used to take from my front door when I lived in the southwest. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing lots of pictures from my porch.

We live here. (In the, whoa, it looks like we live here, sense.) I have begun to make messes in my new kitchen.

Behold the yarn and fiber closet. I know it has been far too long since I posted about knitting and spinning — first it was the exams, then the move, then the research trip. All that is over now. I spent yesterday afternoon trying to unpack my fiber, which basically meant that I had to go to the store to acquire tools for closet organization. I’m so thrilled with these hanging racks for my yarn and fiber. Stay tuned for a picture of the “book” case (read: yarn case) in my bedroom. And, of course, actual knitting!

two weeks?

This is the beginning of Multnomah, a gorgeous garter and feather and fan shawl that I intend to make for myself someday. This version, though, is for my mom, and as she has some kind of wool sensitivity or allergy, I’m knitting it out of SWTC bamboo. This stuff is so shiny and drapey — perfect for a shawl. I’m just hoping I can get this knitted by Christmas Eve!

Also, thanks for all of your comments and emails about productivity — I made some good progress yesterday, and I finally have a better idea of where this project is going, at least for now.

I did want to clarify that I quite enjoy the organizational parts of writing: gathering books, making notes, arranging and rearranging, both physically and on the screen… For me, the pretend part is when I allow myself to stay comfortably in this category of organizational/planning tasks in order to avoid dealing with the central questions I haven’t quite figured out how to address in whatever it is I’m working on. I think sometimes I use this as a sort of mental crutch — and now that I write that down, I realize it sounds pretty nerdy. Organization is my crutch! (Would it sound cooler and more writerly if I added: “and whiskey” to that?)

Back to it!