first lake house pancakes.

The occasion? A pretty lady came to visit and brought maple cream. We spread that on these raspberry pancakes (raspberries I picked at the farm in September), added some plain yogurt, and ate them on the porch.

Boh was very happy to see P. He particularly loves snuggling with her — something he’ll miss once she’s on the west coast. (We were her first stop on her westward journey.) Speaking of journeying, I’m currently visiting college friends (and their very sweet children) while doing some research in an archive that just happens to be where they live. Boh is hosting Ethel Louise at the lake house. More soon!

new couch.

Boh gave our new (to us) couch a full inspection before granting his approval. The couch is a little threadbare in places, but I like the shape, and the color will do for now. Maybe I’ll have to ask Eileen for advice on re-covering couches? Hers is gorgeous.

Still no knitting to share, but I’ll have an update soon. Instead, you get a picture of Boh lounging near yarn and fiber…

we’re here.

We finished painting on Wednesday afternoon (I love it), and Boh and I moved in that evening.

Boh made himself at home immediately. (My mattress is on the floor right now — friends with a pickup truck are going to help me move the wooden base this weekend.)

I snapped this photo of Boh this morning — he got right back into bed after I got up. What sweetness.

Breakfast and coffee on the porch — before I covered the table in piles of finals to grade. (In case there was any confusion, grading is MUCH more pleasant on a porch.)

Another surprise! Boh and I decided to walk out the back door today instead of along the road (which is fairly busy). We scrambled about halfway up the hill in behind the house and discovered a gas line right-of-way, perfect for walking. Boh is a happy dog.

I’ll be posting more regularly now that the internet is hooked up here at the lake house. And I’ll be knitting! I should have a couch to sit on this weekend, and then I’ll be able to finish my stripe study shawl. Happy weekend!

lake house.

As you can see, we are hard at work. I am so lucky to have friends who are excited to spend their first hours of freedom from teaching and exams painting my new house.

First dinner — local pizza — on the porch.

Last night’s meal: homemade bread courtesy of Ethel Louise and a spinach salad. You’re going to be seeing a lot of this porch!

I just folded my Lendrum and put it in its fancy bag for the first time. I’m so excited to get my yarn and fiber organized in my office (I guess my books will have to go there too) so that I can get back to spending quality time at my wheel!

There will be internet at the house on Friday, which is when I plan to introduce Boh to his new home. More soon!


The word “unpacking” gets used frequently in academic conversations: we “unpack” complex concepts, fraught words, and ideas or moments with contested meanings. I’m done with that kind of unpacking, at least for a little while. (Hooray!) Which means it is time to pack.

I considered only showing you this picture. Look — a laundry bag full of delicious, neutral shades of Cascade 220! This picture suggests a calm, orderly apartment (and packing process), everything under control. Here’s what the rest of the room looks like:

Yup. It is hard to pack up a small apartment. Boh is handling the disruption with dignity. I’m hoping to take a few carloads over tomorrow so that I’ll have enough space to pack up the rest of my stuff as the week progresses. Keys — and pictures (and knitting, I promise) — soon!

stay classy, san diego.

I may have attended a screening of Anchorman yesterday afternoon.

In all seriousness, though, Ron Burgundy’s words seem to have relevance beyond newsrooms and street-fights between rival news teams. Ethel Louise has an incredibly thoughtful post about yesterday’s response to the assassination of OBL. I know I don’t talk about my work very often here, but in a very broad sense, I am interested in narrative, in how we tell stories about what is happening/what has happened to us, in how we make (and remake) meaning. I, too, found yesterday’s celebrations disturbing.

I have a lot more to say about all of that — but I just don’t have the energy this week. I brought a bunch of boxes and bins up from the basement over the weekend to remind myself that I am almost there. I’m feeling tired and overwhelmed, and I just need to keep going. My orals are on Friday, and I just need to get there, and for my performance to be enough.