Strawberry-rhubarb-basil. It could have used a little bit of sugar, as the rhubarb was very tart, but it was bright and fresh-tasting, and the basil even seemed to sweeten it a little!

Oatmeal-pecan. Pie you can eat for breakfast. You know, because of the oatmeal. (I’m baking pies for a friend’s wedding next month, so I’ve been baking and eating more pie in order to help her make some important decisions about fillings and crusts. Tough life, I know.)

Also, here’s some stuff that isn’t pie:

Dogs and books. And me. All in a big pile.

Tango, in a rare contemplative moment.

Remember what I was saying about kitchen mojo? This has been a go-to for me this summer, in part because mojo is not required. Also, the gratification is immediate. Which I like. I have been eating this on Tuesdays. And other days, too, but especially Tuesdays. I get home from the farm, slice into my weekly bread share loaf, cut up a tomato, a hot pepper, and find some cheese in the fridge. I turn on the broiler. I sliver some basil. I pile all that stuff on the toast (this week it is a rye with caraway seeds encrusted on the outside), slide it under the broiler, and wait less than five minutes, until the toast is dark around the edges and the cheese is bubbling and starting to brown. Then I take it out and make myself go in the other room, or take out the compost, or do something to not eat this right away, because I will burn my mouth. And then I take my broiled tomato toast to the porch to enjoy. Summer food, at its finest.

It is rainy this morning, and I have a hankering for knitting with handspun. Boh and I are headed to a family wedding this weekend, and amidst the packing (so much harder to throw stuff in a bag and go when you have to look pretty where you’re going) I’m hoping to find time to wind up some squishy comfort yarn. The grey, rainy morning might have something to do with that. Happy weekend!


salsa and stripes.

‘Morning, all. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about this sore throat, and a little stir crazy from almost two full days on the couch. Time to catch up on some blogging. First up? Salsa.

I saw this super simple recipe over at A Friend to Knit With — and while I would’ve kept on scrolling in my old apartment because it called for using the broiler (and I was never able to clean that one well enough to feel good about using it), on Saturday morning I thought, what better way to celebrate a new stove? And so I ventured to the grocery store on graduation morning for salsa ingredients. And it was worth it. (I did use onions, too. They just aren’t in the pictures.)

Initially I was worried that it would be too spicy, but it mellowed a bit in the fridge. (Or maybe I got a mouthful of chile seeds when I tasted it? Either way, I was really happy with the results.)

As you can see, Boh was also worried about the spiciness of the salsa. Saturday night, a small group of friends from the department came over to hang out and enjoy the sunset. There were two different kinds of homebrew (yum!) and Boh made several new friends. I didn’t snap any pictures, but it was really nice to be social again, and I was awake way past my bedtime. Sunday was when I started feeling less than awesome, and I pretty much sat on the porch all day and worked on my Stripe Study Shawl. These don’t count as FO pictures because the lighting is bad and the ends aren’t woven in, but here’s a look at how it turned out:

I really love this, and even though summer weather has just begun, I will keep my fingers crossed for an evening or two when it is cool enough for me to sit on the porch with this shawl around my shoulders. I’ll post official FO pictures once I weave in the ends and find a better spot for photos!