we live here.

Boh and I enjoyed a gorgeous sunset from the porch last night. Those of you who have been long time readers may remember the pictures I used to take from my front door when I lived in the southwest. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing lots of pictures from my porch.

We live here. (In the, whoa, it looks like we live here, sense.) I have begun to make messes in my new kitchen.

Behold the yarn and fiber closet. I know it has been far too long since I posted about knitting and spinning — first it was the exams, then the move, then the research trip. All that is over now. I spent yesterday afternoon trying to unpack my fiber, which basically meant that I had to go to the store to acquire tools for closet organization. I’m so thrilled with these hanging racks for my yarn and fiber. Stay tuned for a picture of the “book” case (read: yarn case) in my bedroom. And, of course, actual knitting!


10 thoughts on “we live here.

  1. I love that moment after moving, when you look around and realize you’re home. Glad you’re loving the new space!

  2. Do you think the storage for the yarn & fibre will be enough???? I’m thinkin NO ;) (I’m just sayin) DG

  3. Yeah the fiber is all organized and ready for some serious knitting on that fabulous porch! I am having some home envy. :)

  4. been too long since we’ve chatted. wish i could hang on your porch and help make a mess in your kitchen. i think a skype session is in order.

  5. So lovely! I am in love with your lake house and am contemplating asking Nashville to create more lakes so that houses may be near them.

  6. love love love your fiber closet. it looks amazing! your home is so lovely, and i hope to visit again sometime. xo

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