in anticipation…

I am number 899 in the Ravelry queue! In anticipation of the access I will have to information on patterns and yarn, I took a little bit of time yesterday to photo-document my growing stash. In the beginning (about 8 months ago) I bought yarn and colors I liked, without really understanding weights and yardage. Translation : I have lots of single skeins for hats, mitts, gloves, etc. I am just now beginning to purchase enough of a single yarn/color to be able to “do something”, even though I may not be sure what that is. Here are a few of my more recent purchases — what do you think they should become?


This is churro wool. I bought this from Earth Arts at a local fiber festival I accidentally discovered while out running errands this spring. These are the natural colors of the sheep, which are the breed traditionally herded by the Navajo. From what I understand, this wool is most often used in rugs and weaving, because it is very strong. It is scratchy, but I love the colors. Perhaps a doormat?


This is Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino in Seamist. I have three skeins. This is most certainly for me — so soft! I bought this at Loop during a recent trip to Philadelphia. I’m thinking it should become a scarf or mittens or a neck warmer…something that will let me enjoy how nice this feels against my skin.


I am very excited about this: Elsa Sheep and Wool Cormo wool worsted in a gorgeous heather grey. I have 1000 yards of this, and I am thinking it should become a cozy cardigan with overlapping fronts. Maybe the Pimlico Shawl from Knit2-Together, or a Debbie Bliss pattern with a big ribbed collar?

Happy sunshine! It is clear and cold here today: a perfect fall morning. Boh and I have some frolicking to do, and then I’m off to watch yesterdays’ Rugby World Cup Final and consolation match. Shhh! I don’t know the outcomes yet.

early morning crowing


Mornin’ folks. There are multiple roosters crowing outside my window right now. Seriously. The sun is not quite high enough in the sky yet to allow me to take pretty pictures of the Baby Bib O’ Love I started (you know, the kind where the light streams through the window), so bear with me. The bib is done, minus a button. Pictures soon.

In other news, in honor of the Fall Fingerless Mitts KAL, I present to you Dashing, from knitty, intended for my brother, who spends a lot of time both training other people’s dogs and playing with his own adorable pitbull. I made these in Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed (found on sale at my LYS) using size 7 needles.



I worry that they may be a bit tight, as I don’t have a good sense of how big around his forearm is, but they should be okay. Confession: midway through the second mitt, I said to myself, “I remember what I’m supposed to do on this cable row. No need to look at the pattern, Rooster.” A row before bind-off, it became clear that my second mitt did not have offset cables. Instead, they were all in the same column. Rip, rip, rip. These aren’t quite done yet — one more thumb to pick up, but they are a holiday gift, so I have a false sense of being in good shape for gift-giving. This is the first holiday season that I have been a knitter (well, since that unfinished scratchy scarf turned potholder my grandmother helped me on), and I’m not quite sure what folks are expecting. What are you giving as knitted gifts? Are you making ten of something, or choosing individualized patterns for the people in your life?

Rusted Root…

5 summers ago, I rode my bike across the country. There is a lot I can say about how formative that experience was for me, but that’s not why I’m mentioning it today. We had a soundtrack, and “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root, was central to our experience crossing the plains of Kansas. If you start humming the opening guitar solo and then picture miles of corn and wheat, peppered with the occasional towering white grain elevator, you’ll get it. Promise. Anyway, about three weeks ago, I decided that I needed my very own Rusted Root. I was traveling cross country for a wedding (by plane, not by bike) and needed a good airplane project. I haven’t picked this up since I returned, because the lace panel requires more concentration than I’ve been able to commit after some long days at work. Perhaps blogging about it will encourage me to knit at least a few rows later tonight?


I’m using the recommended yarn — Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece — and needles (size 5). I was so excited to start this that I drove all over town for the right needles. My LYS was out, but I managed to find some pink metal circulars at an out-of-the-way JoAnn Fabric store. I ripped out the first 6 rows several times as I worked to perfect the purlwise YO, but it moved quite quickly after I figured that out. This is my first lace project, and I love these beautiful leaves! (This is not my first sweater project, but I will save my Coachella story for another post.)


In the mindless knitting category, last night I cast on for the Baby Bib O’ Love from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Some dear friends of mine have a daughter who will be celebrating her first birthday next week, and I think this will brighten her breakfast experience. This is knitting up very quickly, so I should be able to get this in the mail on time. (Yarn is as recommended – Peaches and Creme worsted. I’m using some mismatched size 6 vintage needles from a lot I scored on Ebay. They match the yarn!)



More technology questions — where do I get those cool widgets (whatchamacallits?) that let me share my progress on my WIPs in the sidebar?

halloween ideas…

holding pumpkin

I’m still working my way through Twin Peaks, Season 2, and, needing some mindless knitting (so that I could keep my eyes on David Duchovny as Dennis/Denise, the DEA agent) AND inspired by the bright red mitts over at Flintknits, I cast on for the fingerless mitts from LMKG. I’ve come to two conclusions:

1. These are easy and fun to knit. A smidge tight, though I tried to BO loosely. I think they will stretch a bit. It isn’t quite cold enough for them right now, but I’m wearing them anyway. (Details: size 6 needles, Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted, color is Navy Nite, spelled THAT way.)

2. I should be the Log Lady for Halloween. Apologies to those unfamiliar with the escapades of Agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

Time for more coffee. I need to learn how to link to other folks when I talk about them. Hints?

a confession

My name is barefoot rooster, and I am a lurker. Today, I began the delurking process. Empowered by my new status as a blogger, I started to say hello. Thanks a whole bunch to Leslie, of a friend to knit with, for leaving my first ever comment. (Soon, I will figure out how to turn those words into a link to her gorgeous blog. Now I understand what the “strikethrough” font option is for.) It feels good to be part of an ongoing conversation with the online world. Yay!

Long day at work today, in part because the animal, as I call him, decided that he NEEDED to go outside at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 this morning. My house is so small (in a good way) that I cannot get far enough away from him to have a shot at ignoring his whimpering. At 6, I caved and let him curl up with me for my last half-hour of precious sleep. Anyway, I arrived at home to find a beautiful sort-of surprise: needles that I’d lent to a staff member this summer. She wrapped them in a sumptuously soft, super bulky piece of green scrap yarn before tucking them in the envelope. Even though the light is bad right now, I must show you:

returned dpns 1

returned dpns 2

Adorable. Time for some roasted veggies (beautifully bright red peppers in my CSA box this week) and some quality David Lynch (Twin Peaks Season 2).

victory (for jonny wilkinson, and for me)

but in vastly different things. Wilkinson managed to lead England to a victory over France in today’s World Cup Rugby match. It was a low scoring, frustrating game to watch. Both sides had brilliant moments, but each had a hard time finishing. I’m by no means a hardcore England fan, but I do think that Wilkinson is one of the most handsome men in world-class rugby…

My victory is much smaller: I’ve figured out how to format photos so they look pretty when I press “publish” here at wordpress. Because my entry point into this community (which, on day one, is still very one-sided and awkward-feeling) is knitting, it seems only fitting to share a bit.

Here is Fetching, from Knitty. This project made me feel like a Knitter (capital K). Directions were easy to follow, and the payoff was close to immediate. I remember taking this to a coffee shop and just knitting row after row, happy as a clam to be displaying my newfound addiction. (Coffee is my first, though I prefer to think about my coffee intake as directly proportionate to my personal happiness level. It has nothing to do with caffeine. That is bad for you. Happiness, on the other hand, cannot be bad.) Back to Fetching.

fetching WIP

I don’t have any pictures of the finished object, but these were on my wrists every morning this summer as I watched the sunrise, hands clasped around a delicious cup of coffee on the back porch. Early risers get press-pot coffee. Late risers get cowboy coffee. Sadly, Boh (who is both snoring AND dreaming right now) managed to grab one and gnaw apart the bind off and a few rows of my hard work, so they are in the “learn to repair” pile. As a relatively new knitter, I have a burgeoning love affair with color. There is definitely a bright pair of Fetching in my future.

Here is a pair I made on request for a friend. (Yarn for both: as recommended, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, needles: US 6) This pair went even faster! See Pam model:

fetching pam

Discovering Knitty was a momentous occasion — I think I looked at every single pattern, including Calorimetry, which blew me away. The concept is cool, and I remembering thinking I might actually wear it, but that wasn’t it. The model in the pictures — I know her! From college! What was she doing, here in the internet pages of my brand new, all consuming addiction? Apparently, a lot of people knit. Or know people who knit. That made it feel even more accessible. (I did, actually, make Calorimetry, but was lazy and did not swatch. I know, I’ve learned my lesson. It is very pretty, but also just a bit too large. It may work as a neck warmer. I will be making another, maybe in Malabrigo — saw the one over at tentenknits and it is beautiful. I have my first skein, which is destined to be Foliage, from the Fall Knitty, but right now I just get it out and touch it.)

One more Knitty picture: Manresa. These leg warmers are awesome. I am still surprised that I just decided I could make these. I started them right after Fetching, a week into learning. Most of my summer knitting was happening by headlamp, in my sleeping bag, so I decided to leave the chart and colorwork here in my teeny tiny house. The last time I snapped a picture, here’s where I was. Fall is finally here, and these will be very toasty when I finish them. I should pick them up again.

manresa WIP

That’s all for now — I have to save a few pictures for when I run out of things to tell you all!

mindless knitting

Already, I am realizing that this blogging thing is going to teach me some fun technological skills. In my work life at a small non-profit, necessity has dictated that I learn how to play in InDesign, connect and problem-solve server/computer relationships, synch a database with its online counterpart, etc. I’ve been joking that I am learning to be a “technology maven”. Not there yet, but I am en route. (I’m okay with never quite getting there.)

Onward to knitting content. Here’s what I’ve been working on this week. I have more complicated things on the needles, but this week was stressful, and all I wanted to do was decompress with knitting easy enough to do while watching DVDs. I’m currently working my way through Twin Peaks, Season 2.


I actually finished most of this while listening to Stash and Burn this morning. I’m thinking that it still needs a turquoise and light green pom-pom, so I haven’t woven in the end up at the top. I used the basic women’s hat pattern with the garter brim in LMKG, but stopped at about 6 inches, rather than the recommended 6.5 . I think I have a small head! The yarn is Cascade 220, left over from my very first (and sadly, quite ugly) knitting project, a garter stitch, thick striped scarf. I did a bad job choosing colors, and I don’t think I will ever wear it.

Off to run errands and catch a Rugby World Cup match at a local bar with the appropriate international channel…

is this thing on?

Hello, blogosphere. I’ve been lurking for quite awhile, and have decided that it is time for me to give this blogging thing a try. I’m hoping to use this space, first of all, to contribute to the online knitting community. Though I’ve been a passive reader, I’ve learned an incredible amount from those who share their successes and frustrations and philosophy with the world via their blogs. I’m still a new knitter, but I’m hoping somebody out there will find my projects and knitterly ramblings even a fraction as useful and/or enjoyable as I’ve found so many other blogs to be in my learning process.

I’m also hoping to share bits and pieces of other parts of my life: my love for all of the vegetables in my CSA box, the view of the mountains from my tiny house, and, of course, some of the routinely absurd antics of my 10-month old puppy, Boh. I’ll save the story of his name for another post, but for now, I’ll just tell you that he’s afraid of one of the lamps in my house, and for months, he refused to even set foot on the dog bed I bought him, preferring instead to cry pitifully in an attempt to convince me to move it out of the hallway. That way, he wouldn’t have to touch it to conduct his daily inventory of which shoes were in reach and available for chewing… Here he is, on the day I brought him home from the pound:


He’s much bigger now!

Stay tuned for knitting content…