I think I’m cheating a bit, because I started this sock in July, but I am still working on it. (By working, I mean that I am carrying it around in my bag this week.) It IS October, and it IS a sock-in-progress. The yarn is Fleece Artist in the Tiger colorway, and I do like it a whole lot. The stripes are very pretty, and I am excited to wear these someday. Emphasis on someday.



This is my second pair of socks. My first pair turned out pretty well, though I definitely had some laddering on the sole, and a few gaping stitches where I picked up at the heel. I tend to drop stitches when I work on these before my coffee has kicked in, or when I am trying to watch TV. Another thought: though I have never been into the hands free cell phone thingamajig, I see the value of being able to knit and talk on the phone at the same time…

i’m in!

I am now on Ravelry — you can find me there as barefootrooster. I’m glad I started taking pictures of my stash over the weekend! Also, I just got back from practice, and our girls made us shirts that say COACH on the back. I never imagined that coaching would be this rewarding.

Here’s a gratuitous dog shot. Boh is reenacting Duck Hunt (you know, the game that came with the original Nintendo. When I saw this mallard in the grocery store, I couldn’t resist.)


brrrr! (also, I admit my fear of finishing.)

Good morning! It dropped into the thirties here last night, which means that I can finally wear all of the knitted things I have been working on out of the house. (You know, and people will think my layers are normal. I have been wearing some items already, even though it hasn’t really been cold enough.)

I’m beginning to get slightly nervous — I don’t want my blogging about knitting to get in the way of actually knitting! Soon I will run out of WIPs to share, which will give me no excuse but to work on these things I keep telling you about. First, another Fetching. These are going to be a gift, and I am remembering how fast and fun this pattern is! Take a look:


Disaster has struck — Boh just grabbed the Baby Bib O’Love (finished, sans button) and managed to gnaw through a single stitch. I managed to find the ends and attach them together with a not so pretty knot (spitting and joining doesn’t work for cotton, right?) and I think I can hide it by attaching an additional decorative button or something right there. I’ll keep you posted on that. Speaking on finishing, I made the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting a few months ago, but I haven’t been able to work up the courage to seam it. I’ve looked at some finishing books and read some tutorials, so I understand the concept, but I’m scared. I know that I need to develop some comfort with finishing so that I can move onto more complex projects. I’m hoping that writing this down will force me to just try it so I can share the outcome with you. Here are a few pictures of the kimono:



I have some navy blue ribbon for the closure. This is a gift for friends who are pregnant — they just found out that it’s a boy! In real life, this is a bit brighter than a traditional sea foam green.

In Ravelry news, less than 300 people ahead of me now — I am excited!