more booty.

Apologies for the blog silence — I headed home for that baby shower (taking an unfinished booty with me), and then took a brief trip to see my grandmother out of state, and then got back here on Tuesday morning to work on a grant application. Whew! Finished that yesterday, and blogging is at the top of today’s non-work to-do list.

Here’s an iPhone shot of the second booty, just before kitchenering, and then the pair, just before wrapping. My cousin seemed to really like them at the shower — let’s hope the baby does, too! I haven’t done any knitting since finishing these on Saturday morning, maybe because I don’t have any knitting that is both portable and free of charts or counting. I should probably fix that by casting on for something new for me, like socks, though I certainly have lots more baby and wedding gifts to knit over the next several months.

None of these are recent FOs, but here’s the pile of handknits I sent to Occupy Wall Street last week. The weather is getting cold, and these handknits can be more useful there than here in my basket o’ warm things. (Side note: I should really consider knitting myself another hat with a pompom.)

And here’s a shot of the lake. The fall color has been absolutely stunning this year, but even so, the transition to winter is sort of exciting because of the way my view is changing. Now that the leaves have mostly fallen, I can see the lake even from my perch on the couch in the family room.

On blog posts and traffic: I noticed that a lot of people (500+) visited my blog last week when I posted about the first booty. Perhaps they were expecting something else? I’ll let you know if the same thing happens today…


mindless knitting

Already, I am realizing that this blogging thing is going to teach me some fun technological skills. In my work life at a small non-profit, necessity has dictated that I learn how to play in InDesign, connect and problem-solve server/computer relationships, synch a database with its online counterpart, etc. I’ve been joking that I am learning to be a “technology maven”. Not there yet, but I am en route. (I’m okay with never quite getting there.)

Onward to knitting content. Here’s what I’ve been working on this week. I have more complicated things on the needles, but this week was stressful, and all I wanted to do was decompress with knitting easy enough to do while watching DVDs. I’m currently working my way through Twin Peaks, Season 2.


I actually finished most of this while listening to Stash and Burn this morning. I’m thinking that it still needs a turquoise and light green pom-pom, so I haven’t woven in the end up at the top. I used the basic women’s hat pattern with the garter brim in LMKG, but stopped at about 6 inches, rather than the recommended 6.5 . I think I have a small head! The yarn is Cascade 220, left over from my very first (and sadly, quite ugly) knitting project, a garter stitch, thick striped scarf. I did a bad job choosing colors, and I don’t think I will ever wear it.

Off to run errands and catch a Rugby World Cup match at a local bar with the appropriate international channel…