is this thing on?

Hello, blogosphere. I’ve been lurking for quite awhile, and have decided that it is time for me to give this blogging thing a try. I’m hoping to use this space, first of all, to contribute to the online knitting community. Though I’ve been a passive reader, I’ve learned an incredible amount from those who share their successes and frustrations and philosophy with the world via their blogs. I’m still a new knitter, but I’m hoping somebody out there will find my projects and knitterly ramblings even a fraction as useful and/or enjoyable as I’ve found so many other blogs to be in my learning process.

I’m also hoping to share bits and pieces of other parts of my life: my love for all of the vegetables in my CSA box, the view of the mountains from my tiny house, and, of course, some of the routinely absurd antics of my 10-month old puppy, Boh. I’ll save the story of his name for another post, but for now, I’ll just tell you that he’s afraid of one of the lamps in my house, and for months, he refused to even set foot on the dog bed I bought him, preferring instead to cry pitifully in an attempt to convince me to move it out of the hallway. That way, he wouldn’t have to touch it to conduct his daily inventory of which shoes were in reach and available for chewing… Here he is, on the day I brought him home from the pound:


He’s much bigger now!

Stay tuned for knitting content…