a confession

My name is barefoot rooster, and I am a lurker. Today, I began the delurking process. Empowered by my new status as a blogger, I started to say hello. Thanks a whole bunch to Leslie, of a friend to knit with, for leaving my first ever comment. (Soon, I will figure out how to turn those words into a link to her gorgeous blog. Now I understand what the “strikethrough” font option is for.) It feels good to be part of an ongoing conversation with the online world. Yay!

Long day at work today, in part because the animal, as I call him, decided that he NEEDED to go outside at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 this morning. My house is so small (in a good way) that I cannot get far enough away from him to have a shot at ignoring his whimpering. At 6, I caved and let him curl up with me for my last half-hour of precious sleep. Anyway, I arrived at home to find a beautiful sort-of surprise: needles that I’d lent to a staff member this summer. She wrapped them in a sumptuously soft, super bulky piece of green scrap yarn before tucking them in the envelope. Even though the light is bad right now, I must show you:

returned dpns 1

returned dpns 2

Adorable. Time for some roasted veggies (beautifully bright red peppers in my CSA box this week) and some quality David Lynch (Twin Peaks Season 2).