Hello, friends. Rooster here, typing to you from the smartest phone I’ve ever had. It was time to trade in my trusty Razr, and while six months ago (when I bought that phone another battery) I was looking for something simple, this time around the lure of the internet (all the time) and the explosion of texting/social networking among friends old and new made taking advantage of this upgrade offer to get something shiny and fancy a no-brainer. And whoa – I can even blog from this thing!

I am attempting to add a photo, also taken by my new blackberry curve. Here we go! Regular laptop blogging will resume shortly. Happy weekend!

mindless knitting

Already, I am realizing that this blogging thing is going to teach me some fun technological skills. In my work life at a small non-profit, necessity has dictated that I learn how to play in InDesign, connect and problem-solve server/computer relationships, synch a database with its online counterpart, etc. I’ve been joking that I am learning to be a “technology maven”. Not there yet, but I am en route. (I’m okay with never quite getting there.)

Onward to knitting content. Here’s what I’ve been working on this week. I have more complicated things on the needles, but this week was stressful, and all I wanted to do was decompress with knitting easy enough to do while watching DVDs. I’m currently working my way through Twin Peaks, Season 2.


I actually finished most of this while listening to Stash and Burn this morning. I’m thinking that it still needs a turquoise and light green pom-pom, so I haven’t woven in the end up at the top. I used the basic women’s hat pattern with the garter brim in LMKG, but stopped at about 6 inches, rather than the recommended 6.5 . I think I have a small head! The yarn is Cascade 220, left over from my very first (and sadly, quite ugly) knitting project, a garter stitch, thick striped scarf. I did a bad job choosing colors, and I don’t think I will ever wear it.

Off to run errands and catch a Rugby World Cup match at a local bar with the appropriate international channel…