halloween ideas…

holding pumpkin

I’m still working my way through Twin Peaks, Season 2, and, needing some mindless knitting (so that I could keep my eyes on David Duchovny as Dennis/Denise, the DEA agent) AND inspired by the bright red mitts over at Flintknits, I cast on for the fingerless mitts from LMKG. I’ve come to two conclusions:

1. These are easy and fun to knit. A smidge tight, though I tried to BO loosely. I think they will stretch a bit. It isn’t quite cold enough for them right now, but I’m wearing them anyway. (Details: size 6 needles, Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted, color is Navy Nite, spelled THAT way.)

2. I should be the Log Lady for Halloween. Apologies to those unfamiliar with the escapades of Agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

Time for more coffee. I need to learn how to link to other folks when I talk about them. Hints?


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