early morning crowing


Mornin’ folks. There are multiple roosters crowing outside my window right now. Seriously. The sun is not quite high enough in the sky yet to allow me to take pretty pictures of the Baby Bib O’ Love I started (you know, the kind where the light streams through the window), so bear with me. The bib is done, minus a button. Pictures soon.

In other news, in honor of the Fall Fingerless Mitts KAL, I present to you Dashing, from knitty, intended for my brother, who spends a lot of time both training other people’s dogs and playing with his own adorable pitbull. I made these in Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed (found on sale at my LYS) using size 7 needles.



I worry that they may be a bit tight, as I don’t have a good sense of how big around his forearm is, but they should be okay. Confession: midway through the second mitt, I said to myself, “I remember what I’m supposed to do on this cable row. No need to look at the pattern, Rooster.” A row before bind-off, it became clear that my second mitt did not have offset cables. Instead, they were all in the same column. Rip, rip, rip. These aren’t quite done yet — one more thumb to pick up, but they are a holiday gift, so I have a false sense of being in good shape for gift-giving. This is the first holiday season that I have been a knitter (well, since that unfinished scratchy scarf turned potholder my grandmother helped me on), and I’m not quite sure what folks are expecting. What are you giving as knitted gifts? Are you making ten of something, or choosing individualized patterns for the people in your life?


3 thoughts on “early morning crowing

  1. i already made my mom some socks, i’ll struggle through another pair of fingerless mitts for my dad (we haven’t found the right design yet) and my brother will get a hat or two. had to be individualized patterns here – my mom is easily itchy and my brother and dad are picky. the thing i will most enjoy? spinning some luxury yarn for my mother-in-law… her request!!

  2. I’m sort of on the prowl for patterns all the time, and if I see something that just looks perfect for someone, I’ll file it away in my brain (or on Ravelry, now). Not everybody gets a knitted gift every year, there just isn’t time. This year, I’m knitting an Urban Aran cardigan for my girlfriend, a shrug for my sister, and some slipper socks for my girlfriend’s dad. I’ll either buy or sew gifts for everybody else. If there’s time, there might be an extra hat or pair of socks thrown in there too.

  3. I’ve been wondering if my dad will wear fingerless mitts, or if he will think they are weird. I guess there is only one way to find out!

    I love the idea of slipper socks. I should be on Ravelry soon, which is exciting, though I’m a bit nervous about what access to the black hole will do to my already quite busy life…

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