daily anticipation


Boh was up before 6 today, which means I didn’t have much choice. I begin each morning with a press pot of coffee. The dog is no longer scared of the sound of my coffee grinder, which is a step in the right direction.  I don’t exactly require coffee to function, but I do strongly believe that my daily happiness level is directly related to how much coffee I have consumed. I do, occasionally, go without, just to remind myself that I can, but today is not one of those days.  This morning I snapped a photo (before promptly dropping my camera — I think it is okay) while (sort of) patiently waiting for my coffee to be ready. Push the plunger down too soon, and it sputters, sending grounds and coffee all over the counter and chastising me for not being able to wait my turn.


Here’s where I am with the tea cozy: it is 17 inches long — 6 more to go and then seaming and finishing. Knitting this has been calming — perhaps because it is my answer to that feeling of helplessness that seems to accompany tragedy — but also because I really like the stitch pattern. The p1, ktbl rhythm is very nice, and the definition of the twisted stitches is particularly stunning. I have some scarves planned as thank you gifts for three men who helped me with something earlier this fall, and I think this stitch pattern will be perfect.

I must get back to it, but before I pick up my needles again, I want to say thanks — for wandering over to my corner of the web, and for returning. I’m having a lot of fun here.