I’ve been adventuring this week, sharing my home with an old friend. We used to share a house on the other side of the world, and it has been incredibly fun to explore my current backyard together. Take a look:


Mt. Taylor in the distance, covered in snow.


Chaco Canyon¬† — incredible ruins, history and landscape.



Overlooking Pueblo Bonito.


Contemplating the view — perched atop an inactive volcano.


Popcorn preparation.


When we shared a house, the three of us (thinking of you, E) watched every Bond movie in sequence, pausing in the middle to prepare popcorn. Casino Royale had not been made at the time. Yesterday, our tradition continued, and the popcorn was delicious.


Because I am a morning person, and my house guest is not exactly one, I have made a slight bit of knitting progress this week. I completed my one row handspun scarf, and I really like the subtle transition from color to color. This particular pattern is wonderfully soothing — I highly recommend it.


One last picture: these are the mountains I photograph often from my front door early in the morning. This week’s adventures marked the first time I’ve visited these places with the knowledge that I will be leaving, and that it will be several years before I might have the chance to live here again. In many other places I’ve lived, restlessness has set in after about a year. Not so, here. This is home.


friday night knitting

Friday night knitting is a special kind of knitting. After a long couple of weeks, and the prospect of an unscheduled weekend ahead, I looked at all of my WIPs, and decided I needed to do even less thinking. I dug through my yarn bins, and found a few balls of Cleckheaton Vintage Hues, the result of a good friend’s recent trip to Australia. The Yarn Harlot’s One Row Handspun Scarf seemed perfect for the yarn, and for the kind of knitting I was craving. I like the way the color changes are occurring — it is a bit Noro-esque, but the yarn is heartier and bulkier.


I am really happy with how this is turning out. I am not sure who this is for, as I don’t know how long it will be, but I love the way this yarn looks in this simple twisted rib pattern:


Well, folks, that’s what I’ve got today. Planning some soup-making, lounging and an afternoon hike with the dog —¬† if I can get him to move from his current position: