you make my day.


At first, I was going to tell you that this made my day, but then I learned that some  blogland love had been sent in my direction.

Thank you, Hilary, for listing barefoot rooster as one of ten blogs that make your day. Here’s the deal: you share ten blogs that make you happy, and comment on their blogs to let them know. (Please accept my paraphrased version of the rules.)

I had no idea how much I would enjoy the blogging community when I began nesting here in my corner of the blogosphere a few months ago. Thank you for welcoming me — so here it goes (sans actual button, as I don’t know how to do that in wordpress yet!):

[note: I just sat down and wrote lots of nice things about why these blogs and their authors make me happy, but then I decided that you should just go visit them and find out!]

The Yarniad



Pipe Dreams and Purling Plans

Slipped Stitch

The Knitting Philistine

Baby Finds a Kazoo

Rhubarb Supreme

The Frayed Knot

Much Adored

I’m not much into memes, etc. but this particular (buttonless, in my case) button has been a great way for me to discover a whole slew of gorgeous knitting blogs.  Boh agrees.


8 thoughts on “you make my day.

  1. Seriously, you just made my totally exhausting day end with a really big smile. Thanks for writing such a great blog, that totally makes MY day!!

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