Short, early post today, folks. This guy, also known as the animal (must insert photo pronto)


woke me up in the middle of the night with a horrible rrrripp-ing sound. That’s right, he was yanking the polyfill out of my sleeping bag, while I slept in it. He has been in close proximity to this particular sleeping bag for the last several months, and apparently, last night the temptation became too much for Boh to bear. Luckily, I had some ripstop patching tape handy, so out of bed I leapt. I switched on the light, cursed a bit and got to work.


It’s not knitting content, but it is crafty. The blues are a better match than they look in this picture, and the hole was by no means a clean job. He must have been gnawing on the nylon for awhile before I woke up. Sigh. Onward to the before/after pictures I have for you:


This is yesterday evening’s sunset — thick, reddish clouds hovering over the mountains.


And this is what I awoke to — the second time. We haven’t had snow on the ground in the valley since before the holidays!


Alright. Off to work on generating some visible knitting progress and listen to the latest episode of Stash and Burn before work.


2 thoughts on “before/after

  1. Awww, your pooch is such a cutie! I am sure you weren’t happy that he ripped the sleeping bag, but I bet you couldn’t stay mad for long! I love the pic from a few days ago, of him lying on the sofa. He is a lot like Spike – we say Spike “melts” into the couch, looking so relaxed it’s as if he has no bones…

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