sweater weather.

The leaves are turning crispy, the sun is rising after I wake and I can see my breath when I take Boh outside in the mornings. It’s official: sweater weather has arrived. To celebrate, I’ve finally cast on for 28thirty. I’m using the recommended yarn, in the exact same color, grassroots. (This may be the first time I’ve ever done this.) I love all the flecks of bright colors against the cozy brown, and I love the wooly-ness of Peace Fleece. Here’s one more shot:

I don’t think I’ve quite recovered from the wonderfulness of my Fall Break — it has been tough to get back into the routine of reading all the time. Hence this post, when really, I should be finishing the book for the class I have this afternoon…I can’t help it. Moments ago, I snapped these pictures of the animal:

There are no words.

In other news, Friday morning, I had my first real-life encounter with a knit-blogging friend. We met for coffee and then found ourselves petting yarn in my local yarn shop. It was a lovely morning, further confirming what I already knew to be true: internet knitting friends are even cooler in real life. She has the photo-documentation of our meet-up, so I’ll link there when she posts. (Hooray!)

Also, I finished the forest malabrigo boy hat, but alas, spontaneously gifted it to the intended boy on account of cold weather. He seems quite pleased with it, and if I can convince him to pose for a picture, I’ll share it here.

Boh is whimpering at the door — time to go O-U-T-S-I-D-E — and then I must get back to reading!


startitis is to stress…

as actual knitting progress is to the beginning of fall break! The sun is shining, beets are roasting in the oven, and I have a long weekend to take a few deep breaths, read more slowly, and enjoy the colors of fall. Here’s what I’ll be working on this weekend:

This is the beginning of a sunday market shawl for me. I cast on a few extra stitches to make it a bit wider/more shawl-like, and I’m planning to just knit until it is super-long for wrapping around myself a gazillion times. (Fleece Artist Somoko in colorway Masala.)

Another boy hat. For a boy. (Malabrigo, colorway Forest.)

Progress on Clue #2 of the Through the Loops Mystery Sock (in Sunshine Yarn). I love this — and I’m getting past the mental block I’ve had on non-stockinette socks!

Totally unrelated, but this pooch loves laundry. All he wanted to do was roll around in the clean sheets. Finally, I had to make the bed, and Boh was sad. Seems he likes the laundry better when it is in a big clean pile.

I’m heading north to hang out on a friend’s farm. We’re planning to knit on the porch, throw down at a barn dance, and give autumn the attention it deserves. To accompany me on the drive, I purchased Telltale Signs, Vol. 8 of the Dylan Bootleg series, and the new Jolie Holland album. I’ve given both a preliminary listen, and for what it’s worth, I highly recommend them.

boy (girl?) hat


The Boy Hat, but with size 6 needles. This one may become a nailbiter near the end: only 99 yards of wool, pattern calls for 120 (and size 7s). I’m going to give it a try, as it is a great color for a friend who is celebrating a birthday this weekend. If it works, he’ll get it on time. If it doesn’t, it will become a boy (girl?) hat for me (my head is smaller), and he’ll get his handknit hat when he heads West for a snowboarding trip in a few weeks.

The yarn is Queensland Rustic Wool, and it is superwash. I think I’ve read that superwash stretches out quite a bit, so I went down a needle size to conserve wool and ensure a snug fit.  I should have thought about this when I cast on, but instead, I knit almost 4 inches on my size 7 circ and realized that the only way it might (1) be completed with the only ball of this I have and (2) fit well, was to make these changes. Fingers crossed!