Happy Birthday! I presented this cupcake to someone who is a VERY good sport about all the knitting his wife and I both talk about and do when we are together.


(I also did some “real” baking — there is a loaf of banana bread on the counter, ready to take to Easter brunch.) I loved making this cupcake (pattern from One Skein by Leigh Radford). I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, given that I do not own any novelty yarn for frosting the cupcake, but I used Cascade 220 for the chocolate base and then 2 strands of Cascade 220 Heathers and 1 strand of Madil Kid Seta (all leftover from the LMKG legwarmers) and then used some leftover cotton to make a cherry on top.

More knitting to share:


These (Baby Bibs O’ Love, from Mason-Dixon knitting, made from Peaches and Creme dishcloth cotton) have been languishing for at least a month, mostly because I couldn’t find a needle that would fit through the buttonholes…needed to dig out my misplaced travel sewing kit. Let’s hope I can get these in the mail faster than I was able to sew on the buttons! (Still thinking about adding a little bit of embroidery to the red one. We’ll see.)


Beaufort, completed! (Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Size 8 needles.) I am a tad nervous that this will be too small for its recipient. It fit me snugly, right off the needles, and I have a small head. I dunked it in the sink with some wool wash and gave it a good tug, and it is almost dry. I think the yos in the pattern will open up with time, just like my Foliage did. I hope she likes it.

I had a Nutkin realization yesterday. You know, after I did 5 more repeats on the leg portion.


That lovely doubled cuff I was celebrating a few posts ago? (Don’t get me wrong — it is very pretty.) Mine doesn’t quite fit over my heel. Good thing I checked before starting the heel. The thing is, I am in LOVE with how this yarn (Yarn Pirate Kalamata — my first Booty Club installment) is knitting up. I’m thinking I can add a thumb hole and do another pattern repeat or two and I will have the first of a gorgeous pair of fingerless mitts. (Does that also mean I get to decide on another sock to begin?) I will certainly keep you posted on my sock to mitt progress. Seems fitting that I was listening to the last few chapters of Frankenstein yesterday on CraftLit when I made this discovery.

Time to settle down with another cup of coffee, Boh, and some knitting. I love weekend mornings — I am always up with the sun, and on these days, I get to watch the morning become mid-day: sun rises in the sky, roosters crow, air warms up and I can fling open the doors and windows…

Enjoy your day.


home again, home again.


Yup, life is hard. 5 whole days of playing non-stop with your friends can make you dog tired. (Stop me now.) Boh and I re-settled ourselves into my little house, went for a lovely run, and planned an evening of hunkering.


Netflix, the dog, and a hat project. I actually cast on for the Beaufort Hat last month, knit most of the inch of ribbing, and then realized that I needed those needles for something more urgent. (Not that I can remember what.) I put what I had of Beaufort on waste yarn and tucked it away. I went to pick it back up again, I decided to just rip out the little I had done and start over to ensure evenness in the ribbing…or something.


I’ve made it through 3 or 4 pattern repeats, and I really like it. The pattern is easy to memorize and it moves quickly. I’m using¬† Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted in a slightly lighter/brighter shade than pictured. This is for a friend who requested a hat. Though she’s seen the blog, I don’t think she reads it regularly, so I’m going to risk it. (She’s heading to Argentina this week for a well-deserved vacation.) I should have this ready to send to her by the time she returns (and maybe enough yarn for one for me, too!)

another west side sunrise.



I dropped my first stitch (intentionally) in my Clapotis last night, surrounded by happy thoughts and perhaps some nervous empathy at knitting group. Due to dog circumstances, I haven’t found any time or space to knit over the last few days, so escaping from the madness and sitting down with a chai and knitting friends last night great improved my outlook on the week.

I’ll try to take some pictures of these dogs to share before I head back to my own bed on Friday. Boh is covered in slobber, and all three of the dogs are loping about with their tongues happily lolling to the side. Last night they spent almost an hour playfully fighting about who would be the one to run around the yard carrying (dragging) a stick larger than they are. These dogs are having the best time ever!

knitting in action.


It is mostly impossible to knit when three dogs are jumping all over you and each other every waking second of the day. I’m feeling much better today, likely because I was able to eat eggs, toast and potatoes yesterday afternoon. Yay for caloric intake! Off to work, but wanted to share that even though I’m not likely to get much done this week, I am enjoying my knitting. Happy Tuesday.

from a different door.


Boh and I are housesitting this week, so hopefully I’ll have a range of gorgeous sunrise shots to share with you. This also means that we are playing with 2 more dogs and a cat. I made absolutely no knitting progress yesterday, but there is some good news: I woke up hungry for toast today! Hoping I will be craving coffee soon — a sign that I’m on the mend.


the ocean and clapotis.

The title of this post could just as easily be the title of an independent film, but in this case, please use a literal interpretation.



Friday afternoon, I was standing here, toes in the dark sand, gazing out over the Pacific Ocean.  Yep, that was work-related.

Because I was away for under 36 hours, I forced myself to select only one knitting project, and while digging through my WIPs, I rediscovered my clapotis. I’ve completed the increase section, and in the next row, I’ll start dropping stitches.


The colors are a bit deeper than you can see here — I’ll wait for better light the next time I photograph this.

One of the folks I met with on Friday was getting over a stomach bug, and I think I brought it home with me. A small amount of bland food and close to 14 hours of sleep later, I am feeling a little better. Today I’ve managed a scone and a cup of tea — already more than I was able to eat on Saturday. Last night I didn’t even have the strength to work on my clapotis — fingers crossed that I’ll be able to make some progress today.