charts, apart(ment)s, hearts.

I’m back (and cheesier than ever, I might add). Thank you for all of your kind comments and happy thoughts re: my grad school news and this week’s visit to New Home. The best way to describe my visit?


I had the chance to meet my advisor, have dinner in his home, take walks and engage in thought-provoking talks with the other graduate student in the program with academic interests like mine, drink local beer, wander around town — and sign a lease.



It may not have the same funky character as my current southwestern casita, nor does it have the same incredibly low price tag, but for New Home, the price is fair, the dog is welcome and the kitchen is spacious! At best, this will be a space I can settle into for the next several years; at worst, it will be more than sufficient for my first year in New Home.


New Home is half a day’s drive from my parents’ house, so I got a cozy weekend with mom and dad, filled with movies, snowfall-measuring and celebratory meals. Oh — and I also did some knitting!


I present my progress on the Chevalier Mittens. I don’t know why I feared the chart — it makes perfect sense, once you get past the supposed scariness. I am a little concerned that the fabric is a bit too dense and stiff. Should make for good mittens, right? This yarn is worsted weight cashmere/merino/mohair from School Products. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn doubled, so I figured this would be fine, held single. All of the cables kept my attention through a long layover and multiple flights, but my hands were hurting by the end of the day. Once home, I picked up the Stella Hat I had brought for movie watching and all around mindless lounging.


Boh played with his very best friend, a slightly younger Akita named Radley, the whole time I was gone. When I went to pick him up, he did not want to leave, and pulled against the leash when I gave a short tug. See how tired he was?


It’s good to be back. More soon!


3 thoughts on “charts, apart(ment)s, hearts.

  1. Great house; love the porch! When the snow is gone, you can invite friends over and sit on the front porch drinking lemonade and knitting.

    I like the looks of that mitten pattern, btw.

  2. i’m venturing into the world of comments…just wanted to say the house looks cute! what with the snow, it seems like an appropriate setting for many cute mittens and hats.

  3. Affirming – that’s perfect! I’m so glad for you :)

    I love those cables – I’ve had my eye on those for awhile, but this week it was in the 60’s (not that I’m complaining!) so I may not be able to get my head around them until next fall. They do look like fun though!!

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