the ocean and clapotis.

The title of this post could just as easily be the title of an independent film, but in this case, please use a literal interpretation.



Friday afternoon, I was standing here, toes in the dark sand, gazing out over the Pacific Ocean.  Yep, that was work-related.

Because I was away for under 36 hours, I forced myself to select only one knitting project, and while digging through my WIPs, I rediscovered my clapotis. I’ve completed the increase section, and in the next row, I’ll start dropping stitches.


The colors are a bit deeper than you can see here — I’ll wait for better light the next time I photograph this.

One of the folks I met with on Friday was getting over a stomach bug, and I think I brought it home with me. A small amount of bland food and close to 14 hours of sleep later, I am feeling a little better. Today I’ve managed a scone and a cup of tea — already more than I was able to eat on Saturday. Last night I didn’t even have the strength to work on my clapotis — fingers crossed that I’ll be able to make some progress today.


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