off to see the wizard…

Actually, I’m off to see my New Home — planning to meet my advisor, sign a lease for the fall and wander through/imagine myself in a different place.

What am I bringing with me? I’m working to keep everything in one LandsEnd tote bag (size large, which I believe they define as 2 full bags of groceries). That means no sweater projects. Instead, because it will be cold where I am heading, I am bringing a Stella Hat, recently cast on, yarn and needles to begin the Chevalier Mittens, and my Twisted Tweed Socks. (Too sleepy for links — early flight!) I can fit all of these, along with a little notions bag, into a tote that fits inside my everyday bag.

Oh — and I’m planning to wear my Debbie Bliss Bolero Jacket. (By planning to wear, I mean I’m wearing it now, have been for much of the last week, and plan to continue wearing it all week/weekend.)

I’ll be back on Monday!


4 thoughts on “off to see the wizard…

  1. Good luck! I remember visiting graduate schools and imagining my new life – it was fun.

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