fo: second super hero helmet hat.

super hero helmet hat green

green super hero2

Just over half a skein of Araucania Nature Wool later, I have a second super hero helmet hat. This hat is all about instant gratification, and the squoosh factor is incredible. I made the 68 st Medium this time, and it fits nicely without being too snug. (Again, good for all of this hair!)




I made this without a particular recipient in mind — just wanted to check out the pattern, which I quite enjoyed. I was thinking that I don’t need another hat, particularly now that spring is here, but I do like this picture:


(Or maybe I am being tricky. Perhaps the recipient is an occasional reader here? Hmmm.)


Stella’s Hat by Knitting School Dropout

Size 8 needles, 16 in circs and dpns

Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in a bright, semi-solid green — 1 ish skeins (was using a leftover ball from the bolero jacket and needed to dip into a second.)


In the morning, I’m off to the Bay Area for just about 24 hours — a super quick work trip, but it should be fun. Back on Saturday afternoon!

charts, apart(ment)s, hearts.

I’m back (and cheesier than ever, I might add). Thank you for all of your kind comments and happy thoughts re: my grad school news and this week’s visit to New Home. The best way to describe my visit?


I had the chance to meet my advisor, have dinner in his home, take walks and engage in thought-provoking talks with the other graduate student in the program with academic interests like mine, drink local beer, wander around town — and sign a lease.



It may not have the same funky character as my current southwestern casita, nor does it have the same incredibly low price tag, but for New Home, the price is fair, the dog is welcome and the kitchen is spacious! At best, this will be a space I can settle into for the next several years; at worst, it will be more than sufficient for my first year in New Home.


New Home is half a day’s drive from my parents’ house, so I got a cozy weekend with mom and dad, filled with movies, snowfall-measuring and celebratory meals. Oh — and I also did some knitting!


I present my progress on the Chevalier Mittens. I don’t know why I feared the chart — it makes perfect sense, once you get past the supposed scariness. I am a little concerned that the fabric is a bit too dense and stiff. Should make for good mittens, right? This yarn is worsted weight cashmere/merino/mohair from School Products. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn doubled, so I figured this would be fine, held single. All of the cables kept my attention through a long layover and multiple flights, but my hands were hurting by the end of the day. Once home, I picked up the Stella Hat I had brought for movie watching and all around mindless lounging.


Boh played with his very best friend, a slightly younger Akita named Radley, the whole time I was gone. When I went to pick him up, he did not want to leave, and pulled against the leash when I gave a short tug. See how tired he was?


It’s good to be back. More soon!

it may be sunny and 55…

but I am wearing a sweater!


(Boy, that mirror is dirty.)  I can justify the sweater, though. Take a look at the mountains:


See? There’s snow up there! Also, I think there is some kind of rule that you have to wear your first sweater the second it is done. (Okay, not true. This isn’t exactly the first sweater I’ve made. Over the summer, I knit Coachella, but the neckline turned out a bit too low to be worn in most situations…More on that someday.)

Anyway, I spent much of last night finishing the ribbing. Here’s a shot of the shrug in vest form:


I spent all morning seaming. I was a bit unclear about how everything was supposed to line up — no schematic — so I ended up seaming most of the sleeve caps, looking at them, and realizing that I  needed to seam a few inches more of the sleeeves to the body. This process created many ends to weave in.


Somebody was pouting. In all fairness, he did miss a leisurely Sunday stroll. (His life is extremely hard.)


A few more pictures of my finished Bolero Jacket:



The necklace I’m wearing, by the way, is made by Lisa Donald, a friend who also makes/sells jewelry. She has a great eye — this is made from a clip-on earring that feels very 1960s to me. How convenient that it matches this sweater perfectly!

Posting may be sporadic this week — a dear friend flies in tonight to spend 4 days playing with me and Boh!

pick up st.


Thank you for all of the happy thoughts on my grad school news — it has been hard not to write about all the waiting over these last several months. I am so excited — and trying to transfer this energy into my UFOs — I cannot wait to actually have some of the sweaters on my needles actually in my wardrobe.  I’m making progress on the ribbed collar/edging of the bolero jacket (226 st/row takes a long time!)– almost ready to start the short rows.


I also made another boy hat — but in my sleep-deprived stupor, I gleefully gave it away before photographing it. It is just like the first one — in super soft malabrigo in a colorway of deep greens and blues.


Here’s another almost FO — just needs a button and the ends woven in. I have two entire bibs to show for the stress of the last few weeks — knitting these was calming, and I needed it.

Oh, and I must share this:


He can be such a ham. This is from dinner at my house a few weeks ago -had to check with my dear friend (of pink and white VD frosting fame) to confirm that she would not mind being featured here with Boh.


Inspired by Mick at Much Adored — and by the arrival of a much needed weekend, I knit the last 5 rows (I know, I know, ridiculous that I left so little to complete) of the second sleeve of my Debbie Bliss Bolero Jacket, and began blocking.


The sleeves are looking a bit big to me (I say that like I’ve done this before) — but I’m intending for this to be a cozy shrug-sweater, so I hope it will be fine.

I let the pieces dry overnight, and this morning, though still slightly damp, I decided that the front pieces and the back were dry enough for me to seam the shoulders and begin picking up a million (okay, 226) stitches for the all-the-way-around ribbing that makes this sweater so cute. No pictures of that yet, but now that I have picked up said stitches, I am hoping to complete this before the cold weather leaves us entirely.

Lucky for me and my sweater, I woke up to a sprinkling of snow on the ground. I’m off to a place that likely has snow — and a crackling fire in the wood stove — for the rest of the weekend.