a sock story, revisited.

Morning, folks. I think I posted about this when it actually happened, but as last night was likely my last regular attendance at weekly knitting night, allow me to tell you a brief sock story. Back in the fall, my internet was down for at least a week. My ISP couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and I was frantically working on all of my graduate school applications, so I was spending an hour or so every night at the coffee shop closest to my house. One Tuesday evening, when I stopped in to submit some forms and check email, I noticed a table of women who looked incredibly fun doing something with their hands — I had to look again to confirm that they were actually knitting! I introduced myself and asked if I could join them. Luckily for me, I had one of those fleece artist yellow tiger socks in my bag. They welcomed me and encouraged me, and soon I was knitting with them every Tuesday night. I’m heading to Base Camp next week, and then off to New Home for graduate school, and while I am going to try to meet up with them whenever I come into town on a Tuesday, yesterday was the first of all of my goodbyes. They marked (ha) my departure with an incredibly sweet and unexpected gift: gorgeous sock-sized stitch markers from Hide and Sheep (on etsy).

See how the marker itself isn’t simply circular?

It was all I could do to keep myself from casting on another pair of socks at 11 PM last night, just to admire these on a sock in progress. I am plugging away at Sunday Market Shawl number 2 — brought the remains of the one the dog gnawed through to show and tell last night, and am slowly adding length to its replacement. Here’s a rather blurry picture that shows the gorgeousness of the purples in this Dream in Color Smooshy yarn:

You’d think stockinette wouldn’t be tricky, but when I yanked this out of my bag last night, I managed to pull out a bunch of stitches and picked them back up all weird. Ramona to the rescue!

I feel incredibly lucky to have found such a wonderful “real life” knitting community — I will be thinking of you guys on Tuesday nights this summer — and I will particularly miss the “mommy” talk.

knitting in action.


It is mostly impossible to knit when three dogs are jumping all over you and each other every waking second of the day. I’m feeling much better today, likely because I was able to eat eggs, toast and potatoes yesterday afternoon. Yay for caloric intake! Off to work, but wanted to share that even though I’m not likely to get much done this week, I am enjoying my knitting. Happy Tuesday.

Tiger Socks!


Victory! I cast on for these, my second ever pair of socks, in July. Frustrated with how often I was dropping stitches when I tried to watch movies AND work on them, these ball band pattern simple merino socks (so named by me because this yarn is in the Tiger colorway) traveled everywhere with me for weeks without a single row of progress. I picked these up again right about the time I began blogging, and became determined to complete them.


In fact, this was the project in my (cavernous) bag the day I serendipitously came upon a group of friendly-looking women knitting at a coffee shop near my house. These socks made it possible for me to join them that evening, and I have been knitting with them on Tuesdays ever since.


I am very happy with the way these turned out. The second sock is better than the first, and I like that I can see the progress I’ve made. With the pair of socks in my hands, the kitchener stitch at the toes looks a bit messy, but on my feet, it looks much better. I’m excited to choose my next sock project — hopefully using the Magic Loop method.

By the way, it is quite difficult to take pictures of socks on your own feet, particularly if the “hold legs in air while sitting on couch” method allows far too much mess into the camera frame…


I’ll leave you with a shot of this morning’s sunrise. Have a great weekend!