another west side sunrise.



I dropped my first stitch (intentionally) in my Clapotis last night, surrounded by happy thoughts and perhaps some nervous empathy at knitting group. Due to dog circumstances, I haven’t found any time or space to knit over the last few days, so escaping from the madness and sitting down with a chai and knitting friends last night great improved my outlook on the week.

I’ll try to take some pictures of these dogs to share before I head back to my own bed on Friday. Boh is covered in slobber, and all three of the dogs are loping about with their tongues happily lolling to the side. Last night they spent almost an hour playfully fighting about who would be the one to run around the yard carrying (dragging) a stick larger than they are. These dogs are having the best time ever!


2 thoughts on “another west side sunrise.

  1. Doesn’t it feel WEIRD to drop those stitches? I’m working on a Clapotis right now, too, and that first one sure was strange.

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