that time of year.


Last weekend I helped a group of grad student friends decorate Christmas cookies.


I also got out my long puffy coat.


Dear friends sent me this gorgeous woodcut print they made.


And Boh cuddled up to J., here working on another knitting project! Boh and I are gearing up for a week at my parents’ house, which means there’s a flurry of activity (and of light snow, actually): cleaning, packing, making sure I’ve got all of my presents, deciding what books and work to bring home…


And also, which knitting should accompany us. This is the Hudson Bay Inspired Crib Blanket, which I’m making as a lap blanket in shades of blue against a natural backdrop. I think it is the perfect pattern for friends of mine who got married last year.



Other things happening around here: chocolate chip cookies, latkes, and reading/dog-cuddling.



I’m not sure I’ll be blogging between now and the new year, but Boh and I will be back soon with all the regular stuff and perhaps some 2013 fibery goals/plans! Happy everything to you and yours this holiday season.


daffodils, more dumplings, dessert…

And some other things that don’t begin with D.

Daffodils coming up near my front steps.

More dumplings.

These delicious Brown Butter Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies from Joy the Baker. (Public service announcement: browning butter can be dangerous. Or at least mine was — my butter did a fair bit of sputtering and spitting as the water evaporated. It was worth it, though.)

Lovely sunset.

Sweet dog.

Cowl knitting and spinach.

And some spinning! This is BFL from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club in “Scorch.” I spun it as a 3-ply, and while I think I began this (long ago) with socks in mind, I’m not sure there’s quite enough yardage. That’s okay, though. I still love it. There were 183 yards, pre-bath. More photos after I’ve set the twist.

And then I just wanted to keep going. This is “Floating Down” from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club, and I’m spinning this luscious BFL/Tussah Silk blend as singles. So, so pretty.

Okay, back to work. On today’s list? Commenting on papers, finishing a conference paper, and writing another page or two of this diss-chapter-chunk. (Later, I plan to reward myself with a movie and a margarita.)

brown sugar.

Brown sugar cookies. What a brilliant idea. I saw these over at Joy the Baker and I had to make them. You should, too. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed. I ate a few (okay, a handful) on Wednesday night, and then I took the rest to reading group on Thursday. Good thing, too, or I would have eaten them until my stomach hurt. So good that I even forgot to be impatient about Agnes, for a little while at least. She is still blocking on the dining room table. Maybe tomorrow the sweater will be dry enough to wear?

Happy Friday!