brown sugar.

Brown sugar cookies. What a brilliant idea. I saw these over at Joy the Baker and I had to make them. You should, too. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed. I ate a few (okay, a handful) on Wednesday night, and then I took the rest to reading group on Thursday. Good thing, too, or I would have eaten them until my stomach hurt. So good that I even forgot to be impatient about Agnes, for a little while at least. She is still blocking on the dining room table. Maybe tomorrow the sweater will be dry enough to wear?

Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “brown sugar.

  1. I saw those, too, and nearly went to the kitchen and made them instantaneously. Good to know that they taste as good as they look!

    – Jinger (

  2. Just bookmarked the cookies, definitely thinking about making those as soon as my apartment cools down some! (Hit 90 today!)

  3. Ohh these cookies sound perfect, I will indeed be giving these a go. Can’t wait to see Agnes all blocked and pretty. Your knits are always amazing!

  4. Made these cookies two days ago with added chocolate chips! They are delicious and remind me in a way of mild gingerbread cookies.

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