friday again.

Oops. I snapped lots of blog-worthy photos this week, but didn’t find the time to actually upload or post. Maybe this whole pictures-from-last-week thing is my default blogging rhythm this semester? Anyway, here’s what I’ve got:

Egg, avocado, sriracha, and cheese on toast.

Beans, greens, and reading. (This was a super delicious, energy-boosting meal heavily modified from a recipe in one of Heidi’s Super Natural  cookbooks — I swapped kale for dandelion greens, and butter beans for chickpeas.)

Coffee and oatmeal with bananas, peanut butter, and agave syrup. Breakfast of champions.

Some sock knitting, almost to the heel flap. (And a sleeping pup.)

Sunset on the lake. Stunning. Daylight savings meant that I got home early enough to snap this photo.

Striped baby hat number 2. This one went to my cousin’s daughter, on the occasion of her baptism this weekend. I hope it fits!

The first bloom in my yard. I moved here in May, so I’m still discovering what’s in the yard. Hooray for spring flowers! (Anybody know what this is?)

Sushi. A lot of it. A group of my favorite grad-school friends have been getting together to watch The Bachelor and offer some analysis — which is fascinating and a lot of fun because it is so different from what we work on. And since weekends are filled with work, it feels super indulgent to set aside some time on Monday night for something like this. The sushi was to celebrate the finale. (And we were definitely ready for it to be over!)

My sweet dog, sunbathing on the porch. Which is totally what I feel like doing. Yesterday the weather was glorious, and I was able to enjoy the sunshine on my way to the post office, and then as I did all of the errands I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks. I mailed my last grant application of the season, and today marks the start of spring break — which doesn’t mean I’m taking a break, exactly, but means I get to shift my focus from my teaching to my writing, and that I get to focus on one thing instead of seven. Or something. I’m planning to take it easy this morning, and then get some writing done this afternoon. Hooray — and happy Friday to you.



These days, I’m up well before the sun, and now that the semester is in full swing, there’s less time for lazy mornings. (For me, anyway.)

Morning oatmeal. I’ve been eating mine with a splash of milk, some agave syrup, and a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter.

Agnes. Perfect for weekend work.

A Bon Jovi pencil. Necessary for writing comments on student papers.

Rutabaga and turnip soup, with New Mexico chile powder.

Boh behind my desk chair, keeping me company.

Pasta with green olives, garlic, and crushed tomatoes.

Resting (Boh) and knitting (me) on the couch. Knitting pictures soon! (I just want to let something I put in the mail yesterday get to where it is going.)

almost agnes.

Here she is, with pockets, and all bound off. I’m not sure they’re visible in any of these pictures, but I decided to knit the pockets in grey Elsa Wool cormo leftover from my Idlewood.

There might be a glimpse of the grey contrast color in this shot.

A very happy rooster. Also, I’m going to pretend that I had just returned from yoga or something, which is why I’m wearing leggings. That I’m working from home, and not planning to see anyone but Boh most of the time might be closer to the truth…

Blocking on the dining room table. (Finally! I have somewhere to block things!) I keep going in there to see if Agnes is dry yet. I am incredibly impatient to wear this. And maybe to make another…

Also? Oatmeal with a dollop of homemade jam is delicious. I’m just saying.

Back to work. This dissertation prospectus is not writing itself, though I’ve given it plenty of opportunity…

arms of agnes.

Sleeves, really, but arms just sounds better. Right?

I finished the first sleeve with my morning coffee. (Still a bit bleary-eyed here.)

And then I made an old school bowl of oatmeal, inspired by my empty fridge (tomorrow is farm day) and, as always, by Heidi and Super Natural Every Day. I added peanut butter, agave, yogurt, milk, and peanuts to my bowl. It was delicious. And deserving of hipstamatic iPhone photographs. (All that remained when I decided to snap a picture was Heidi’s cookbook and this pile of ingredients.)

Here’s a fancy shot of that first sleeve. The hipstamatic effects seem to lessen the impact of this particularly ugly corner of my house (just outside the bathroom door).

Boh seems pleased with my progress.

After a fairly productive day of reading, errands, and yoga, I knit a few inches of the second sleeve. I’m gearing up for a whirlwind weekend trip to the North Carolina mountains to bake the pies for a dear friend’s wedding. The forecast is for cooler weather, and it would be amazing to be able to take this sweater with me for early mornings/late evenings. And maybe to keep me company on the long drive — all the way there on Thursday, all the way back on Sunday. Boh will hold down the fort here with our friend R. while I’m gone. Lots to do before I leave — in addition to the rest of Agnes!