almost agnes.

Here she is, with pockets, and all bound off. I’m not sure they’re visible in any of these pictures, but I decided to knit the pockets in grey Elsa Wool cormo leftover from my Idlewood.

There might be a glimpse of the grey contrast color in this shot.

A very happy rooster. Also, I’m going to pretend that I had just returned from yoga or something, which is why I’m wearing leggings. That I’m working from home, and not planning to see anyone but Boh most of the time might be closer to the truth…

Blocking on the dining room table. (Finally! I have somewhere to block things!) I keep going in there to see if Agnes is dry yet. I am incredibly impatient to wear this. And maybe to make another…

Also? Oatmeal with a dollop of homemade jam is delicious. I’m just saying.

Back to work. This dissertation prospectus is not writing itself, though I’ve given it plenty of opportunity…


9 thoughts on “almost agnes.

  1. the fact that you and i like the same sweater designs, makes this blog post particularly dangerous. now i feel like i need to make this sweater! it’s gorgeous!

  2. Okay, I can’t take it anymore, I just have to make Agnes too. She will be my first adult sweater. I don’t think it will progress as quickly as yours!

  3. That sweater design didn’t grab me, but it is PERFECTION on you. It really is very rooster. Tres rooster? How chic! I love it, and you know how I love grey and yellow.

  4. Cute! I love the color yellow, but it is so hard for me to find a tone of yellow that works for me!

  5. What a great, cozy sweater! I bet that will see a lot of wear this autumn and winter.

    Having a dining room table really feels like a luxury. At our new place we’ll get to use both leaves and have a great space for entertaining! I can’t wait. :-)

  6. I’m with you on the porage and jam. Something slightly slour with a sprinkle of brown sugar or dash of honey is even better – and, as I see you’ve done, lashings of milk!

    Agnes is lovely.

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