FO: wedding pinwheel #4.

As you may have gathered from these pictures, I finished the pinwheel with enough time to block it out before I headed home for my cousin’s wedding. (Hooray!) I’m really happy with how this turned out — and I haven’t forgotten my daydreams of knitting one (out of handspun?) for me! It took about 2.5 skeins of Cascade 220 on size 7 needles.

I decided not to worry about my citron, and instead, I spent my non-work time last week with the boy. He left this morning to spend the month at home across the Atlantic, and I returned from visiting my family this afternoon.

Stay tuned for some spinning — it is Tour de Fleece time, and I’m planning to spin as much as I can (while still getting my reading done!) on the days I’ll be in town.


pesto makes everything better.

I made a jar of homemade pesto on Tuesday morning, and yesterday, as soon as I had finished ripping out my ishbel and posting the sad photos here, I made a beeline for the stuff. Pesto makes everything better.

Boh and I took a nice, slow walk yesterday morning — extra slow, because this rooster pulled a hamstring in last weekend’s soccer match. Boh waited patiently while I photographed neighborhood flowers with my phone. Aren’t they lovely?

When I look at this photo I hear: “Now wait just a minute young lady…”

And this one! What a ham! Thank goodness for a decent camera phone.

And now, since this purports to be a knitting blog, I give you my citron. I’m in the middle of section 4, and I’m planning to add a few more sections to make a more substantial shawl. I spent a few hours on this last night while catching up on podcasts, and fell in love with it all over again. I intend to work only on this and the pinwheel for the next week, in hopes that I’ll finish both in time for the wedding. I’m counting on Boh to keep me on track.

the future is bright.

At least, that’s what my dear friend P. said last Friday night when she looked at that tray o’ dumplings and slipped on her shades. It has been a week of visitors — meaning lots of extra puppy love for Boh. See?

P. made a quick stop-over on a cross-country drive, and then D. pressed pause on his whirlwind of round-the-globe travel/work to spend a few days in my smaller-town life. We also made dumplings (an homage to the vast number of dumplings we used to routinely inhale when we were roommates on the other side of the world), curled up with the dog — and made blueberry pancakes.

It is just us again. Here is Boh’s response:

I think he misses our house guests.

Today I did lots of laundry and end-of-the-semester apartment cleaning. The books keep multiplying, and while I foresee adding another bookshelf in the very near future, I decided to spend some time making more room on my existing shelves. (This is clearly code for further compressing my stash into my yarn containers to shift the ratio of yarn: books on my shelves…) Also, I finally sat down and plied up that gorgeous targhee from Hello Yarn in the Parritch colorway.

This may be a bit overplied. I am giving it a nice warm soak right now, and I’m hoping it will relax into a squishy 3-ply.

I even have some knitting to share! This is my citron shawl. The first few sections have gone quite quickly, though I realize I’m going to slow way down as my stitch count continues to increase. I am having a great time with this project — it requires just the right amount of attention, and the Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace is lovely.

Happy weekend!

balcony knitting.

So, the boy has a balcony. He is still working, but I am taking a few days off, which means that when he invited me to come work with him on the balcony, I knew exactly what “work” I would bring. As you can see, I’ve cast on my citron in the Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace, and I’m already past the set-up section. I’m going to have fun with this – I can tell.