balcony knitting.

So, the boy has a balcony. He is still working, but I am taking a few days off, which means that when he invited me to come work with him on the balcony, I knew exactly what “work” I would bring. As you can see, I’ve cast on my citron in the Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace, and I’m already past the set-up section. I’m going to have fun with this – I can tell.


11 thoughts on “balcony knitting.

  1. Do extra repeats…. Mine didn’t come out nearly big enough to wear around my shoulders… Though it is a nice soft neckerchief!

  2. Balconies, and the ability to knit on them, are glorious. Enjoy your Citron!

  3. Beware of boys with balconies!

    (Just kidding — I just liked saying all the “b”s in that sentence.)

  4. Have fun with citron! I’ve made two for gifts, but not one for myself. Maybe in the fall…. Can’t wait to see yours in that luscious color.

  5. I love that pattern, it’s been in my queue for a few months–I can’t wait to see yours finished, it’s really going to set off that cute dress perfectly!

  6. Balconies are the BEST. And even better with knitting! Depending on your gauge, you might think about doing an extra repeat to make sure your Citron is big enough (as jennmoles also suggested). Because I designed it to use just the one skein of Mal lace and also because I tend to wear my shawls as kerchiefs, it is on the small side for a shawl, and many people are finding it a bit too small. One gal has written out the increase intervals and stitch counts up to 10 repeats and another gal created a spreadsheet to calculate how much yarn the extra repeats take — they’re both linked on Citron’s Ravelry project page, if you decide to go that route. I’m actually making another Citron right now with 7 repeats…the only trouble is that the rows at the end are loooooong!

  7. Outdoor space is awesome for knitting! And coffee drinking and reading, too. :-)

    Can’t wait to see how your Citron shapes up. It will be gorgeous with that yarn. I’ve been wanting to knit one myself!

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