pesto makes everything better.

I made a jar of homemade pesto on Tuesday morning, and yesterday, as soon as I had finished ripping out my ishbel and posting the sad photos here, I made a beeline for the stuff. Pesto makes everything better.

Boh and I took a nice, slow walk yesterday morning — extra slow, because this rooster pulled a hamstring in last weekend’s soccer match. Boh waited patiently while I photographed neighborhood flowers with my phone. Aren’t they lovely?

When I look at this photo I hear: “Now wait just a minute young lady…”

And this one! What a ham! Thank goodness for a decent camera phone.

And now, since this purports to be a knitting blog, I give you my citron. I’m in the middle of section 4, and I’m planning to add a few more sections to make a more substantial shawl. I spent a few hours on this last night while catching up on podcasts, and fell in love with it all over again. I intend to work only on this and the pinwheel for the next week, in hopes that I’ll finish both in time for the wedding. I’m counting on Boh to keep me on track.


8 thoughts on “pesto makes everything better.

  1. The citron looks great! I added a sixth repeat, and I’m hoping that’ll make it big enough to cover my shoulders/ample bosom. We’ll see…

  2. Your knitting looks great…but those pictures of Boh are killing me! That expression is incredible.

  3. Good call on the pesto…it truly does make everything better. I can’t wait to see your finished Citron! A week to finish is definitely enough time.

  4. Yay for pesto! The citron is looking great — I love the color! Oh, Boh. I think he’s missed his calling. Alice says hi. She’s a disciplinarian, too.

  5. Oh Boh ;) I would hate to disappoint you – I bet that face is a killer! I hope your hamstring feels better soon!

    That Citron is lovely, what a pretty color!

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