clap your hands for so-called foliage!

Yes, that’s right. I’m still only about a third of the way through the first cup of coffee on this fine Monday morning, and I’m trying to make sentences out of my current WIP names. I was hoping for natural light, but it is overcast and I am impatient. Bear with the gloomy photographs.

As my incredibly creative sentence indicates, I have, indeed, cast on for Clapotis. You know where to find it.


I cast on for this (multiple times) a bit more than a week ago, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do a pfb. to the rescue! I wanted to keep this one quiet until I was sure I was ready for the pattern, but I am past the set up rows and into the increase section.


Also, you know I’ve been working on my second My So Called Scarf from Sheep in the City (Ravelry link – coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.) This is sort of hard to photograph because it is so dark. Also, I chose a less variegated Malabrigo, and I am really liking this. Originally, I thought I would keep this for me, but now I am not so sure. I am only about halfway through the first skein, and I have thought about making a shorter “tucker” scarf. Do we think this colorway/pattern is appropriate for/would be willingly worn by boys? Discuss.


Lastly, another WIP I am super excited about — also in Malabrigo: Foliage! (Ravelry link) I bought this yarn at Loop when I was in Philadelphia in September, intending to cast on immediately. I tried to — really, I did. I just couldn’t join 8 stitches in the round without twisting them or getting confused about which side of the needle was next because it was such a small loop. I must have worked and reworked the first two rows, trying to get them right, for an hour one evening. Broken, I set it aside for another day. Picked this up yesterday and cast on without a problem. I’ll take it! I’ve completed the first 19 rows for Version 2, and am ready to begin the pattern.



I am in love with Malabrigo. Sigh.

Time to go face Monday. What did you work on this weekend?

logic board, schmogic board.

My MacBook has returned victoriously, though you wouldn’t know it by the look on my dog’s face:


Seriously? Seriously. This dog is a comedian. Because I am so thrilled to have my computer back, please allow me to share an excessive amount of pictures of my weekend with you. Knitting content below, I promise, but first, to demonstrate how much I trust y’all, a funny Saturday morning picture:


The answer is “No” to all of the questions you are asking. (“Are you a speed skater?” “What about a super hero?” “Did you actually buy those?” They were a gift.) I went for a run on Friday with the dog, and wore these under my shorts for added protection from the gusty winds in the bosque. Saturday morning, pre-sunrise, the dog was begging to go outside, and I was awake, so I pulled these on to keep me warm. Upon returning inside, I realized how ridiculous I looked, and snapped this photo. Feel free to laugh out loud. I share this with you in part because I settled in with a cup of coffee, episodes of CraftLit and Cast On and some knitting deserving of some attention: my Fleece Artist Tiger Socks.


See? Now you can enjoy my completed sock without being completely distracted by the glow of my electric blue spandex. Maybe I kept them on for the whole morning. I am really proud of this sock — the first of my second pair ever. There are still a few teeny mistakes here and there, but overall, the heel is solid, the stitches are tight and even, and I even kitchenered the toe! I was so excited about all of this that I immediately cast on for the second sock. I asked Mr. Claus for some long sock circs and a Magic Loop book, and I want to finish these before I hear those reindeer hoofs on my parents’ roof. (This is going to be a long post — I’ve only been blogging a short while, but I missed you this week.)

Onward to more knitting:


I finished another garter brim hat — a bit too big for my small head on purpose. Not sure who this will go to, but I love this. My Thanksgiving host called this my “watermelon” hat, and I like the name.



You may notice the style of this photo — consider it a tribute to cosy of cosymakes. The pattern is hers, and can be found on her blog for free here. I love the photos she takes of her hats, and thought that I would display the result of her scrap-happy celebration hat pattern in a similar way. Thanks, cosy! This hat is made of Cascade 220 and Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed scraps, and is destined to go to my brother — the brim yarn is leftover from the pair of Dashing I made for him.


Boh and I went for a hike in the rain this weekend — we were the only ones out wandering, and it was absolutely beautiful in that foggy, forlorn, expansive kind of way. The weather was the kind that makes you want to eat soup, and, inspired by this post by Amy at angry chicken, I modified a Moosewood recipe for curried spinach and pea soup to be a warm, soothing mixture featuring kale, potatoes and Thai chile paste.


That’s all for now. I did even more knitting than I ‘ve posted here this weekend, and perhaps in the morning light, I’ll be able to take a few more pictures to share.

P.S. I’m sure you all already know about how fantastic the CraftLit and Cast On podcasts are (links above), and that I’m just a little late to the party, but on the off chance that you haven’t given these a listen, go download an episode. You won’t be disappointed.


My MacBook is at the Apple Store receiving a new logic board from a “genius”, so I am without current knitting photos for a few days. To tide you over, I thought I’d share a few “firsts”: my puppy and my knitting.


Here is my first project: a multi-colored garter stitch scarf made from several shades of Cascade 220. (We’ll ignore my childhood pot holders for now.) I thought these colors would be pretty together, but not so much. In pairs, they look great, but all three don’t really do it for me. In real life, the lighter green is brighter, and the stitches are a bit too loose for a hearty scarf. You may notice that two of these yarns became the pom-pom garter brim hat I wear whenever the weather warrants ear coverings. I still have this, but it stays inside, if you know what I mean.  Hard to believe this was just over 9 months ago.


This is Bohpenyang, my puppy, on the day we met. He looked so sad at the shelter that I wasn’t sure he was the one for me. I’m glad we went for it. I know it sounds sort of ridiculous when I say it out loud, but I can barely remember life without my dog. It is a truly wonderful thing to build a relationship with such a loyal, quirky companion.

Updates on my current WIPs when my computer returns…

“you’re the reason i’m a travelin’ on…

Don’t think twice, it’s alright”. Sigh. A favorite Dylan song — impossible to have just one. Anyway, I can throw that one into the title because I am, in fact, travelin’ — home from the East after several days of work and play. Here are a few pictures from the trip:


This was home, once.


Here is the purl scarf on its intended owner/wearer, my best friend. She wears it well, no? We did lots of catching up — which, even though we talk VERY regularly, is best done in person — over eggs, sushi, cheesy movies, malai kofta, coffee, hot chocolate — and knitting, c.f.


(Is that a proper use of c.f., Ms. Esquire?) Note the beginnings of a garter brim hat! This looks much better than my first knitting project. I worked on these mitts — made from this recently posted pattern over at Twinknit.


I finished these very quickly, thanks, in part, to my role as a wannabe chaperone at a prep school Saturday night concert. When someone has to repeat songs in order to fill the allotted time, be grateful you have knitting!

Courthouses are cold. I give you one solution:


Also, because this blog needs even more cuteness, behold the dog. I wrapped him in a blanket, and he really didn’t know what to do.



I’ll be home soon, but it will still be a few more days before I am posting regularly. Turns out my logic board is busted, and my MacBook needs a bit of professional love in order to connect to the web via my ethernet cable. I’m dropping it off in the morning.