But not really. We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you spontaneous knitting.


In preparation for my cross-country drive(s) next week and next year, I bought myself an iPod Classic. Clearly, it needed a case. It is after 9 PM, and I still haven’t had dinner. Instead, I sat down and cast on for this sleeve by Amy Arifin (Ravelry link).


I am super excited about this. I received the original iPod as a gift before a semester spent mostly in the backcountry (oh, the irony) in 2003, and it clocked in at 5 GB. It served me well, and retired to the pasture of technology that no longer functions over a year ago. I replaced it with a shuffle, which, by the way, is perfect for running, and holds about 200 songs.


This baby is 80 GB. Holy cow. I got an adapter to play music through my CR-V’s radio, and I cannot wait to swap the handful of tired mix cds on rotation for access to my entire music library. I am planning to supplement the 40 GB of music I already have with a whole slew of podcasts and audiobooks. I enjoy driving, and I am looking forward to having some dedicated “me” time. Well, me and several thousand other interstate drivers…

More soon on my mom-tego progress. (Oh, Lord. Time for dinner.)


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